chapter 15.

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Slowly regaining consciousness , you cracked open your eyes , your vision blury .
"Behehehe , shes waking up"
《Behehe ? That voice. ....-》
You drift off...
《TREBOL !!!!》
You shot open your eyes . You were in a cabin like thingy made of glass .
" Trebol.... what is it you think you are going ?"
You asked .
" Behehe , isn't it obvious ? Im killing you and blaming it on others ."
"D-did doffy order this?"
You asked with a shaky voice .
" Behehe , i dont know... 'blame it on others' you bitch !"
Your eyes winded .
" D-doffy will find out aand kkill yyou..."
"Behehe... maybe he did order me maybe not , This is for his own good . Behehe and if he didnt he wont find out since right now im taking suger to him ."
He said and walked off ; you realized you were in a room with no window and it was dark . Torture tools were all around and dried blood on the walls .
" I shall torture you a bit first~"
He sang and walked to you with a weird tool in hand . You paled . You were tied with sea prism stone handcuffs so running away was not an option . Staring at him you tried to look calm and brave , looking for a way to get away . You were deep in thoughts when suddenly. .....
Pain rushed through your body and you felt something warm , a liquid , running down your face . He , had blinded your left eye . Biting your lip hardly to keep yourself from screaming , your body twitched in pain .
" Damn you"
You whispered . Next thing you knew all your body was in pain.... electricity. ...... and with a high voltage . Finally after torturing you for what seemed like forever , he threw your bleeding exhausted body into that cabin ; and chained your hands to its ceiling .
" Behehe .. now time to die"
He said and left you there . Closing the capsule and leaving the room . Not once a scream left your mouth while he tortured you . You never showed any weaknesses . You felt something wet under your feet . Looking down exhausted you saw ,
You asked scared . Yes , water was filling the capsule you were in . Moving around you tried to free yourself but it was no use . The water was slowly rising and that ment a slow stressful death . Suffocation , what you hated so much....
You begged . Your body hurt and your left eye.... felt weird not being able to see .

~☆in the castle☆~
Suger had woken up and everything was going good . Luffy had taken law and ran away .
" Where . Is . (Y.n) ?"
Asked doffy .
" Maybe she's busy or captured"
Trebol replied .
" Fufufufufufu , like she can be beaten ."
"Maybe she betrayed us ?"
"TREBOL ! DONT EVEN THINK THAT .he said veins popping out of his forehead . Trebol remained silent .

~☆a long while later (luffy and law had just gotten to where doffy , trebol and bellamy were)☆~

{NOTE: if you didn't knew oda stated that devil fruit users dont lose strength if the water doesnt reach their knees and is not much . However only a bit of water is enough for them to wont be able to use their powers}
The water had almost reached your neck . Your feet being chained to the ground , you couldnt move up and you didn't had the energy needed to .
"I wont die.... I cant die here . I have a goal"
You whispered .
" I'll take my revenge trebol , just wait .I wont die..."
By then the water had reached almost your face . But how could you get away ? The glass was unbreakable as you tried before....
The water had passed your head , taking one last deep breath you were now underwater . You remembered your parents as your vision was blurry .
'Mom , dad , gomen . I failed you'
You said in your head as darkness overtook you.
'Are you going to give up so easily ? Tch , thats not like you (y.n) .'
You heard a voice .
You said seeing a tall shadowed figure in front of you . Another smaller figure joined him .
'God , god , how can you give up like this ? '
The other voice said .
'Dad , mom.... I.... its over...'
'Its not sweetie . Its not .'
Your mother said .
'Come on (y.n) are you really willing to give up ? What about your goal , your dreams , law ? Are you throwing everything away like this ?'
And the voices disappeared . You opened your eyes releasing the air in your throat .
" I wont give up.... I wont die , I cant die.... I'LL LIVE"
You yelled underwater as black lightning like light rushed out of your body and broke the glasses and the chains . Falling to the ground , you coughed water .
" Mom , dad , thanks for the push ."
You said giving a thumbs up and fisting the air .
You yelled . Touching your left eye you sighed .
" Great now im blind with a scar on my eye, pretty badass ha ha ha"
You said sarcastically . Running out out of the room you found yourself in a run down part of the town . And there you saw the birdcage .
" I better hurry"
You said and teleported away .

-×at the palace×-
Law was facing doffy and trebol and luffy was fighting clone doffy and bellamy . You got there just in time . When trebol saw you it was as if he had met satan himself . Just then doffy cut off laws hand . The scene was painful . You shot trebol a death glare . You were still pretty far away from the palace . On the huge pica statue that was there . You started running to where they were cuz you needed to warm up and save up some energy .

Just when you got to the palace , doffy shot law several times . Your eye winded and a drop of blood splashed on your face .

You thought . Doffy saw you and grinned .
" You're back ..what took you so long ?"
He asked . Law looked at you weakly .
" Im sorry but there was a major problem . I am here now~"
You sang . Your hair was covering your left eye .
"Good to have you back ."
He said and you walked to him with a sweet face and cutest smile in the world . Not even looking at law .
" Uncle-chama , would you do me a favor ?~"
You asked . He grinned .
" Fufufu~ anything my dear ."
You were now very close , centimeters away .
"Would you....-"
You said and he was listening with a grin . Suddenly your 'sweet beautiful innocent' look changed into a 'psycho serial killer with a grin'
" Would you..... die for me ?"
You asked . Laws eyes winded and doffy frowned , just before coughing blood .
" cero"
(If you havent watched bleach and dont know what cero is , its a beam where you gather all your energy to onepoint and shoot it .)
You said .
" Doffyyyyyy~"
Trebol yelled smacking himself on the head .
" Now your turn you stinky slug~"
You sang . You were definitely different .something had happened .
You attacked trebol and cut him in half with your katana .
" Fufufufufufu~"
Your eyes winded and you gulped .
" You are becoming more like me every single day (y.n) . Fufufufufufu~, what a riot..."
He said getting up ..your blood froze as you slowly turned around and faced him . He walked to you and towered over you .
" Now why did you do that ?"
"You sent trebol to kill me and-"
He frowned .
" I never did that !"
He confessed . You backed away as trebol got together again .
《Shit I forgot hes a logia》
You thought backing away more . Taking a fighting stance .
" And I know the truth , I know that you killed my father , DOFLAMINGO!"
you said and he frowned .
" Who told you ?? When did you found out ?"
" I knew from way back . A little bird told me . I pretended to be in your side for two long torturing years and smiled at your face while I screamed inside . Just to find a weak spot and get stronger ."
You said . His jaw dropped and he frowned , biting his lip grinning .
" Dont worry , UNCLE , im a forgiving person , I'll forgive you. ....-"
You helt tight onto your sword .
"-with your DEATH!!"
You said and attacked him .
" Fufufufufufu~ what a riot !! You and me are so alike !!"
He said and blocked your sword with his strings .
《So all this time she was planning that.... she's lived through hell... no wonder shes so different . Yet again I broke her even more .》
Law thought .
" Shame I was actually going to announce you as my succecor ."
He said and kicked you , but not with full power . He was being gentle actually !!
" Why.... why did you killed my dad ?"
"The same reason you are going to kill me now . Anger , rage , disappointment , betrayal , disgust..."
You bit your lip hard enough for it to bleed .
" You.... you....."
You couldnt talk so you just attacked . He dodged and slashed from your left .since your eye was blind you couldnt see so it hit you . Your flesh was ripped apart . Your arm bleeding badly .
" Why didn't you dodge ?"
He asked . You just clicked your tongue .
" Worrying about youe enemy ?"
"(Y.n) , I dont see you as my enemy . You have the right to be angry ."
He said . Laws , trebols , and your eyes winded as he said that . Doffy was never like this. You spent two years finding his weak spot while YOU yourself were his weakpoint .
" Dont try to fool me ."
You said and attacked again . He blocked with his strings and grabbed you by the hair . When he and law saw your face both their eyes winded . Your left eyeball was gone and you had a scar on your eye .
(Like zoros , Rayleighs , kakashis... etc)
" What happened? "
He asked . Tears welling up in your eyes you broke free and jumped away .before you could talk trebol attacked you . Doffy was obviously annoyed .
As you fought with trebol luffy had beaten up bellamy and had came over .
"Who is she ?!"
He asked .
" Luffy im an ally , ill explain later"
You said slashing once more . Next thing you knew you were hit by something and you blacked out...

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