chapter 16.

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"-up...... do you hea-......... (y.n)-....."
You heard a voice far away....
"-lease.... wake u-...."
There was that voice again...
" Ngh"
You whined slowly opening your eye .
"(Y.n)-ya good , you're awake.... doffy hit your neck and you blacked out !"
You saw law , you were in his lap and he was holding you tightly . He looked worried .
" L-law...."
You whispered .
" R-room"
He said but couldn't activate his room.
" God dammit ! I.... I cant use my devil fruit..."
You set up .
" Law... im fine . Only my neck hurts a bit "
You looked at your wounded arm but it was sewed up .
" How-"
" A tonttatta did it"
We're in the flower field ."
You growled and he chuckled .
" 1st . HOW is luffy .
2nd. WHERE are luffy and doffy?"
He blushed slightly , being embarrassed .
" Theyre fighting . In the palace"
" Okey . Law it takes way more than that to be able to copy me ."
You said grinning. He chuckled .
You put your hand on your left eye and gritted your teeth .
" Law , where is trebol ?"
You asked seriously . He looked sad looking at you .
" Hes dead ."
"I wanted to be the one who kills him... sticky piece of shit"
You growled and he laughed at trebols nickname .
" Im sorry about your eye , I may be able to fix it later ."
He said .
" There is no later law...."
You informed coldly . You wanted to cry , your heart was breaking into pieces . You knew there was no chance .
" (y.n)-ya.... what do you mean ?"
" I mean that if we survive this fight . The moment its over , each will go our separate ways . There is no 'later' , we're both pirates and we're not in any kind of alliance . That means we're enemies ."
You said looking away . You sounded like law .
" (y.n)-ya im really sorry for what I did to you . Please..."
"You did nothing wrong law . You did nothing wrong . From the beginning I was only supposed to get you to star island which looks like you managed to get there . Thats all ."
You said and stood up .
《 I was never good enough for you . This is the best way for both of us... just dont cry stupid me...》 you thought . He frowned and gritted his teeth . Grabbing your hand he pulled you down and pinned you to the ground . He was on top of you and boy he looked mad....
" No... im not letting you leave me . I've had enough . Im not letting someone important to me leave me again . Corazon was enough"
He said calmly tightening his grip on your wrists . You gave a pained moan .
" L-laaw~"
You said trying to break free . He loosened his grip and put his head on your neck . Warm breath tickling your neck you blushed madly .
" (y.n)-ya....-"
He said and warped his arms around you .his breath tickling you .
" Y-yes ?"
You managed to say .
"-after all of this is over , I have something very important to say . So dont you dare die on me or run away...."
He whispered in your ear . You blushed more and nodded . He smiled which you couldn't see and put his head on your chest , listening to your heart beating .
" Law ?"
He whispered and stayed put . Boy it was kinda awkward you didn't know what to do .the man you love.... and you missed so much , was right here . You decided to enjoy the moment and gently hugged him back .

-×mini time skip×-
Luffy had fought doffy with his gear 4th . But now he was out . Law went to get him as you went to get doffy .
'Just dont die on me' you remembered him say and blushed .
Spotting doffy you used your telekinesis and tried to hit him with a big piece of rock .he turned around and slashed it . Next thing he knew you were behind him attacking . He dodged .
" Fufufu ~ you have gotten stronger in the past two years y.n ."
" Shut up!"
You said tears in your eyes . You both loved and hated him .
The fighting went on and on and on...


You stared at doffy , coughing blood . Luffy would be back in 58 seconds . (Lets pretend viola and Rebecca didn't attacked doffy)
" Why wont you kill me ? To show me how pathetic I am ?"
You asked as your voice broke . He looked serious and kinda sad .
(This should just be a doffy x reader fic xD)
" No... thats not it..."
He replied . Sitting down next to you as you layed there on the ground .
" I , cant kill you... no thats not it either , I just... dont want to kill you (y.n) . "
"Why ? You killed your own brother AND your father... why not kill me ?! Im just a nobody after all..."
You said looking down .
" Thats not true . I , myself , dont know why but I just cant hurt you . You are so much like him..."
He said . If you didn't knew better you would think he missed rosinante and regretted killing him .
Luffy would be back in 30 seconds .
"Im sorry... I know im not a good niece"
You said and he laughed .
" Once this is done , lets have some tea and talk about life ."
He said and got up .
" What if the navy got you ?"
You asked . Kinda worried . He moved his fingers and a beautiful bracelet was made by his strings . He gave it to you .
" they wont keep me for long . Here , take this as a momento ."
He said and put the bracelet next to you . You smiled and closed your eyes.
《 Doffy... no ,,,, uncle.... you're a strange man....》
You thought.


Luffy defeated doffy and punched him , causing the ground to crack and doffy fellto the underground port . You teleported to where the hole in the ground was and flew down . You saw doffys broken glasses .
《I've neverseen him without them》
You thought and walked closer , sitting next to him . He coughed blood.
"You were great out there . But sometimes fate isnt kind..."
You said and he laughed , caughing up more blood .
" Your eyes....."
You said .
" Hm ?"
He replied .
" Your eyes. ..... they're beautiful ."
You complimented and he smiled .not his usual asshole smile but a soft one .
" But I know you dont like others to see those beautiful eyes of yours"
You said grabbing the broken glasses . You fixed it with your powers . He grinned .
" Thank you , (y.n) , I had best great two years of my life ."
"Im sure we will meet again . Here , take this , it can help ."
You said and put a small box in his pocket .
You kissed his cheek as he passed out .
" See you soon , uncle-chama~"
You sang and left .
Trying to find law as your vision was blurry , luck was showing you a middle finger and you bumped into fujitora just before you blacked out...

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