chapter 23.

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You stopped for a short break in a massive ass jungle . Titans were attracted to your scents and were coming over .
"THIS was supposed to be a break!"
You said yet cutting down another titan .
" Fufufu ~ just buy me one minute and its all handled"
Doffy said landing on the ground and opening his hand . His palm facing the sky . A titan attacked him but was cut down by luffy .
" Weeeehaaaa!!"
He cheered .
Strings came out of doffy hand , shotting up in the sky . He made a huge birdcage .
" Now at least there wont be more of them "
He said and you nodded . Law was nervous being in the birdcage, again, but you grabbed his hand giving it a little squeeze and smiling at him .
" What was that move?"
Levi asked .
" Its called birdcage"
Doffy said and walked away .
" Dont worry shortie! They cant come in!"
Luffy cheered . Law grabbed your hand and walked away , caressing the back of your hand . He trapped you within his arms , your back leaned against a tree .
" I love you"
He cooed and you warped your arms around his neck smiling .
" I love you too"
You whispered and he kissed you deeply . You gladly kissed back pulling him closer . Soon the gentle kiss was turned into a hot makeout session .
Someone clearing their throat made law back away .
" Im sorry did we interrupted something ?"
Asked hanji and levi .
" Yes you did . We were just making out"
Law said calmly with a smirk . You blushed tomato red and elbowed his side .
"No! its fine! So wussup ?!"
You said awkwardly .
" We just wanted to split in teams , wipe out the titans inside this place then start hunting"
Levi informed and you nodded .
Everyone gathered up .
" So lets split"
Sasha cheered .
" You and luffy"
Levi said pointing at sasha and luffy .
" You and you"
He pointed at you and doflamingo .
" you and you"
He pointed at law and hanji .
" And me and you ."
He said pointing at himself and zoro .
" Ok"
Everyone said .
Luffy grabbed sasha grinning and stretched his arm , springing away as sasha laughed in excitement . Law and hanji silently walked away . Zoro and levi used their 3dmg and flew away .

You sighed as you hovered in the air , doffy walking beside you .
" Fufufu ~ is something bothering you? "
He asked . You looked at him and fixed your glasses .
" Well.... I wonder if we can ever get home . And there is something I need to ask law but I guess I was too afraid . And the matter that today law was ignoring me and mostly talking to hanji bothers me . Even when levi called the teams he looked happy with it ."
You sair releasing a deep sigh . Doffy frowned .
" Im sure we can get home , one way or another . And maybe the stupid had a reason ? Even tho I hate him I need to be honest . (Y.n) I've known him since he was a midget . He never , ever , looked at someone like he looks at you . So lets just wait and see what happens ."
He said and you nodded . Deep in thoughts you started walking frowning .
What you didnt see was his devilish grin........

They ran in the woods laughing .
" Hey you're a fun guy!"
Sasha commented .
" Haha! You too... lets eat im hungry"
He said and sasha nodded in pure agreement .
"You should just come back with me and join my crew"
He said while taking out their lunch boxes .
(This is not shipping . Its a friendship shipping .)
"Oh that be fun!"
"Yeah and we have tons of food . And we have this amazing cook named sanji who cooks heavenly meals"
Sasha started drooling .
" Ooohhh! So coool!!"
"Yeah now im even more hungry . Lets eat ! Itadakimasu (is that how its written?) "

Zoro cut down a titan to pieces with his dragon twist .
" Its intresting that your swords can cut titans...."
Levi said and zoro chuckled.
" Except for a few things ; like those strings that bastard made , I can cut anything"
He said as levi cut another titan .
" Ya know your swordsmanship is pretty good too"
He said .

"So if we take those genetics and insert them to the host , it might be helpful ?"
Law asked , deep in thoughts .
"Yes but it could be the opposite as well . They might change"
Hanji replied as they walked in the woods .
"What if we proccess them ? Modified cells...."
"You can do that ?!"
"That might work but its still risky . Is it so important ?"
Hanji asked concerned .
"Yes it is my responsibility to fix it up ."
Law replied .
" I understand . And I'll help you in any way I can . Let us begin then"
Hanji said , pulling law in by his collar .

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