chapter 27.

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{Uh, very detailed lemon warning . Skip the lemon if you dont like it....}
You cracked open your eyes and looked around you .
" Ngh~"
You whined feeling the spasm of your muscles .
" Rise and shine beautiful"
Law said closing the book he was reading .
" H-hey"
You said . He looked at you warping an arm around you .
" Why are you so tensed ?"
"My neck has a spasm"
You said . He slowly tirned you around so you were laying on your stomach and got on top of you , sitting on your thighs .
" Then let me fix it for you~"
He purred in your ear making you blush .
As he started massaging you , you got goose bumps from his touch . It felt so right .
You moaned in pure bliss and he bit his lip grinning . His hands slowly moved their way down your body , moving up again but bringing your shirt along with them .
" You have no idea how I'm feeling right now~"
He cooed as he started kissing your neck , slowly turning you around while he took out your shirt .
"Mm law~"
You moaned his name and it surely turned him on .
He kissed you roughly as you played with his hair , your knee brushing against his hardening member . He groaned and pinned your hands above your head as he attacked your neck and now exposed breasts . Your toes curled up and you shifted , also giving him better access to your neck .
" AH laaw!!"
You moaned as he bit and sucked on your sweet spot , leaving a hickey .
" You're so sexy"
He purred as he released your arms and moved his warm fingers on your body .
You opened his pants and pulled them down and he kicked them off .
" Allow me~"
He whispered and there was a jingle sound . Next thing you knew you were tied to the bed . You blushed a deep red but remained silent , secretly enjoying this side of him . Gotta hand it to him , he looked hot even while 15...
" I love you"
He whispered and took off your pants , rubbing his fingers against your wet panties .
" This wet already ?! And I haven't even started yet"
He chuckled and you blushed more m
"Shuddup! S-says the one whos as hard as rock without me even touching him!"
You said embarrassed and he licked his lips , removing your panties he moved down .
" Law what are you- AH!"
You moaned loudly pulling on the handcuffs as you felt his tongue against your skin . You shifted , your legs pushing against the bed .
You moaned loudly as you fetlt his tongue slipping in your wet cavern .
" You're so sweet (y.n ) - ya"
He commented and you blushed .
" B-baka !"
You said but moans took over again .
" L-law imma....AHHH"
You came and he licked his lips , pulling down his boxers . You managed to take a look at his proudly standing tall member .
《S-SO BIG!!》
You thought . True he was as big as he is in his right age . You wondered if it would fit . You snapped out of your thoughts as he kissed you deeply , positioning himself .
"This might hurt~"
He cooed and pushed in . You yelped in pain and pulled the handcuffs but he kissed you easing you .
" Damn you're tight! "
He said as he began to thrust in you . Oh the pleasure was unreal .
" L-law faster!"
You moaned and he chuckled , picking up the pace and slamming into you . You were both a moaning mess . Good thing that there was no other room beside yours in this corridor .
" I love you (y.n ) - ya"
"I love you too~"
You moaned getting close .
"Law im gonna..."
"Yeah me too....."
He slammed into you in an unhuman speed as you screamed his name , your walls growing tight as you came on his throbbing member . He moaned your name and shot his how seed inside you .

(Wow god im such perv ! 649 words of lemon!! So embarrassing xD)

He fell down next to you and pulled you in a tight embrace , with his head on top of yours . You shrinked into his chest , feeling protected , you giggled .
" Law you're the cutest thing ever~"
You said but unfortunate for you yet fortunate for him, you couldn't see his blush and smile .
" Lets take another nap..."
He suggested pulling you even closer and soon enough you both fell asleep .

~☆hours later☆~
You were currently eating with everyone . Law had this uneasy look on his face .
" Law , tell me . I know you know something , and you know that I know when you know something and try to hide it "
(I know , you know , he knows , we all know . XD<sorry couldn't help it>)
Wou whispered to him .
" So heres the thing . This place is like a laboratory . I could smell the blood from the moment we entered this place . And so I did some research and checked this place . I was right but things are a LOT darker than I thought . Human test subjects , psychotic exams and medical data , blood , weird creatures.... oh I also found out orochimaru possesses bodies ."
He explained and you played it cool so no one would suspect what you were talking about . but inside you were scared a bit . Law realized this and grabbed your hand , giving it a little squeeze .
" Ill protect you..."
He said and you smiled . Everything would be alright right ? Nothing bad would happen to you right ?

After dinner everyone headed to a room so orochimaru could explain more about this world and give you a map . You however , had to go back to your room because you needed something . As you walked down the pitch black scary corridor , everything went black and the last thing you saw was foots walking to you and a dark chuckle....

Short, I know .
But new chapter coming right up .
(  '^')
I hope you enjoyed this chapter .
Oh by the way , White_Raven18 , great story you did . You should be proud . ^~^


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