chapter 37.

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" I prefer to starve to death than staying here . Lets just find others and get the hell out"
You said standing up .
" Yeah.... this place is dangerous ."
Law agreed .
" but you cant leave ."
Someone said .
" Why not ?"
You asked . Then suddenly realized the voice is unfamiliar . You snapped your head towards the voice and saw a teen with blue hair and sharp fangs . Everyone got into a fighting stance .
" Who are you ?"
Doffy frowned .
" My name is rin . Im not your enemy ."
Rin said throwing his arms up in a surrender pose .
" Why are you here ?"
Zoro asked .
" question is.... why are you here ?"
Rin asked . Sitting down
He had dark blue hair , dark blue eyes , pointy ears and a friendly smile .
" We were low on supplies so we came here to find food and water"
Law said boredly.
" you came to the wrong place . This is a cursed island . You cant find food , you will become food yourself . And another bad news is that you cant get out of this island . This island is usually invisible . Only visible to those who are invited ."
Rin said and stood up .
" Wait wait wait. ... what do you mean by invited ?"
You asked . He looked at you .
" If I were you I'd be careful . specially you . You're not a human are you ?"
He asked and you stared at him wide eyed .
"What do you mean im not human ?!"
You asked angrily.
" Well you have this thing about you that makes you anything but a human . Anyways , if you want my advice , find your friends and try to gwt out of here , if you can then you live , if no you'll die . And another thing , stay away from dark places as much as possible . Also , fire is an effective thing"
Rin said and disappeared .
" WAIT!"
You called after him but he was gone .
In shock you set down zoning out .

" dont worry yourself too much . Im sure everything will be ok"
Law said hugging you from behind . You gave a slight nod .

" I cant believe we got separated , AGAIN !"
You growled . You had find the others but just then everything blacked out . When you opened your eyes you realized you were in an unknown part of the Island . Law luffy zoro and doffy were with you .
" Yes its like this island is alive"
Doffy said frowning . It was getting dark .

"Fortunately others know what to do .
Im sure Cavendish told them . And its getting dark . Well search for them tommorrow "
Law said .
" I'll get some fire woods"
Zoro said .
" I'll tag along ."
Doffy said .
"I'll go find meat"
Luffy said .
" I'll find water"
Law said .
" And I'll find a place to stay ."
You said . Everyone seperated . Fortunately you all had mini den den mushi with you .

~☆time skip☆~

You were waiting fir everyone in the cave you found .
"We're here"
Doffys voice echoes as he and zoro place the firewood down .
" We can build a fortress with this much wood! "
You said giggling .
" Good job guys"
You said and you three made a nice fire .
"I'm back"
This voice belonged to law . He had gathered enough water for at least a week . You smiled as he set besides you .
" Where's mugiwara-ya ?"
He asked .
" That idiot is always late . Hes always lost"
Zoro said .
" You're the one to talk..."
You muttered . A tick mark appeared on his head .
" What was that you shitty katana girl ??"
He asked . The 'katana girl' did it . It ment he wasn't counting you as a swordsman .
" Watch your mouth you lost child marimo"
You spat back .
" Wanna go ?"
And now you two were standing In front of eachother , your foreheads pushing against one another as you drew your swords fighting .
" Im way better than you you shitty marimo"
You said . You two always fought yet were best of friends .
"We'll see"
He replied .

" IM BACK! "
Luffys cheer stopped your fighting .
" I'll kick your ass later"
You said sitting down . He huffed and set down . You looked at eachother and soon burst out laughing .
" You two never change"
Law said . Luffy had gotten lots of meat . Meat and more meat .

~☆time skip☆~

You took a bite of the meat in your hand .
" So, lets play truth or dare",
You suggested . Eventually everyone agreed and after playing a few rounds it came to a risky dare .
" What did you do while in another body?"
Was the dare . You had to say it , all of you .
" Shishishi~ I played samurai , tried to stretch , swum , and that it"
Luffy said .
" I..... I cut stuff with the strings , flew ,  copied doflamingo , pulled funny faces , saw his eyes , pulled pranks using strings , yelled the first time I went yo the bayhroom , enjoyed the 3m view. ...."
Zoro counted . Doffy was tomato red now . You all laughed .
" I stretched , ate like a cow , scared people , tried his second and forth gear , and I......I tried third gear on luffys thing "
Doffy confessed and there was a moment of silence before everyone burst out laughing .
" Wait it worked ?!"
Luffy asked .
" Why would you do that ?!?! Oh god I cant breath! !"
You said in between laughs and law was trying his best to stop laughing.
" Yes it worked . And I was just curious to see if it works and how big it gets"
He confessed looking away . Laughter filled the air again .
" I..... I stared at her body , did medical exams , tried her devil fruit which caused chaos , and took embarrassing pictures and more"
Law whispered the last part . Your face went red and you gasped punching him on the head .
You yelled at him and others laughed at you .
" I.... I danced in front of the mirror , pulled out different faces , pranked others with his devil fruit , stared at his body all day . Pretended im him and laughed , sang , and......and I did very bad things while taking a bath...and other stuff...."
You whispered the last part and now law was suffocating you .
He yelled at you and you all laughed .
Obviously non of you said all the things you did while stuck in another body....

Who even suggested that dare in the first place ?!

Ik its short , im sorry , but I feel so exhausted I have so many things to do and in the end of the day im just a lazy exhausted grinning baka....
Gomennasai minna *bows* (v-v)
Anyways , see ya in the next chapter ,
Jaa ne :)

Gomennasai minna *bows* (v-v)Anyways , see ya in the next chapter ,Jaa ne :)

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