chapter 46.

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"You're a jerk you know~"
You said glaring at law . He just chuckled proud of what he did to you last night .
"Dont worry (y.n)-ya , you'll regenerate~"
He hummed . You smacked him on the head huffing . Doffy sighed .
"You deserved that!"
You looked away . Your eyes caught something and you stopped walking.
" Is that....."
You hummed .
" What? "
Law asked looking at you .
" It is him!"
You cheered and ran to the man .
You tackled him .
" Wani?"
Law asked .
" WANI!"
Doffy gasped .
" (y.n) how many times do I have to tell you , dont tackle me like that!"
Crocodile said getting up holding you .
" you could get hurt"
He sighed . You giggled and pinched his cheek .
" Im glad you're not in impel down ."
You said .
" (y.n) "
Law called walking to you dragging doffy behind .
" Surgeon of death and.....wait..... is that ?"
Crocodile stared at doffy with an unimpressed gaze .
" Yes , that's doflamingo . "
You laughed .
" Kuhahaha.... what happened to you , flamingo ? Decided to shrink ?"
Crocodile laughed .
" Fufufufufufu ~ oi wani o... I can still kick your ass"
Doffy grinned .
(A/n : wani means crocodile , wani otoko means crocodile man . But I just put it as wani o :} )
" how do you know crocodile? "
Law whispered watching the two .
" I'll tell you later~"
You whispered and walked to doffy picking him up from the back of his shirt .
" Alright tough guy , dont go picking fights"
You sighed .
" (y.n) why are you here ?"
Crocodile asked .
" We're headed for wano . This is just a passage way . I wasn't expecting to see you here..."
You grinned .
" What business do you have in wano ?! (Y.n ) , you do realize that wano is under kaidos reign right ?"
He frowned .
" Yeah , I know. But we're going there for a reason . Dont worry wani~"
You hummed . He looked around and back at you again .
" Lets go talk in my place . "
He said .
" I dont trust you ! How , why and where do you know (y.n) from ?"
Doffy growled as he was trying to reach and kick crocodile but law was holding him from the back of his shirt.
" Doflamingo . You talk too much ."
Crocodile glared at him .
" (y.n)-ya..... can we trust him ?"
Law asked carefully eyeing crocodile.
You nodded and patted crocodiles chest .
" Wani here is an old friend . "
You gtinned .
" I understand . But we should wait fo-"
"Law-dono , we're here "
Kinemon cut law . He was dragging zoro behind .
" They're already here..."
Law sighed . Zoro saw crocodile and tensed . They glared at eachother .
" What's he doing here ?"
Zoro growled .
" Roronoa. ... what a surprise ."
Crocodile hummed .
" Ok calm down . Zoro , crocodile is a friend of mine . Crocodile , zoro also is my friend. we're all good here"
You said .
" I see . But if he tries anything funny im cutting him ."
Zoro said .
" Lets just go before we get discovered"
Crocodile said and started walking . You followed .
In the way to crocodiles hideout there was a lot of glaring and tension.

"We're here"
He announced and walked into a very old looking building . It used to be a hotel .
You followed and sighed in relief as you saw the inside .
It was clean and new .
"Fufufufu~ you're a clean freak~"
Mingo grinned .
"How would you know?"
Zoro rose an eyebrow.
Law said coldly and you laughed . Laughed really hard as doflamingo and crocodile glared at him .
If looks could kill law would be dead by now .
Zoro realized how innocent he was.
Law smirked , clearly enjoying this .

Finally crocodile cleared his throat and walked away .
"There are empty rooms on the second floor . Go clean up you all stink"
He took a turn and disappeared from view .
You smiled and walked towards the stairs .
"Can we really trust him?"
Zoro asked and you nodded .
"I know you have some bad history, but wani wouldn't harm us"
You smiled .
"I trust you"
Law said as you all reached the second floor . You all were tired so each of you found a room to freshen up and rest without a second thought .

You can never trust a crocodile .
You never know what they're actually up to....


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