chapter 20.

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The ride was silent . It was like everyone was sad and people looked at you guys weirdly .
" Um.... levi ? May I ask a few questions ?"
You whispered to him , he was riding next to you . Levi on your keft side and law on your right .
"Tch , go on"
He said clicking his tongue .
" why is everyone so sad and why do they look at us like we're some sort of monster ?!"
You said .
" Now listen brat , they're sad cuz today their friends died by the hands of titans . And they're worried since you could be titan shifters "
He said . You frowned .
" Titan whaaa ?!"
You asked . Before he could reply ,
"I think they're people who can turn , or shift , into a titan , or titans who can shift into humans . Am I right , short man ?"
Law asked with a smirk . A tick mark appeared on levis head .
" Tch , yeah you're right ."
He said as his horse jumped a brench . He hissed in pain and looked at his leg .
(If you dont know , he almost broke his leg when they were out chasing the female titan shifter known as Annie .)
Law looked at his leg and smirked .
" Aaa.... looks like your leg is in a bad condition . I'll fix it up for you later ."
Law said .
" Tch , I dont trust you . Why would you ?"
" As a doctor I think you need a check up . I was just trying to be nice , ungrateful soul"
Law said shrugging . Everyone chuckled .
Erwin said . The gate slowly opened for you to pass . You were staring at the huge wall .
" ooooaawww ! We will need at least 5 doflamingo on top of eachother to reach the top of that wall"
Luffy said and you laughed . Veins popped up from doffys forehead .
" Oi! Watch it mugiwara"
He said . You passed the gate . As you were wearing the scouts hood , the people who were watching didn't realize you're outsiders .
'Weren't there more people when they left ?'
'There sure was . Look at them , all beaten up'
'And we pay taxes to keep those useless guys fat'
You heard the whispers of people . Frowning you just ignored it but on the others it was leaving a very bad effect . They were now gloomier .
" Oi! Zoro! Lets go get some meat later"
Luffy said . A brown haird girl who was riding next to him stared at him .
" M-meat ?!"
She asked .
" Shishishi , yes . Where is the best restaurant who has meat here ?"
Luffy asked and the girl looked down .
" Meat is a rare thing here . You cant find it"
She said and luffys face expression was changed to a 'whaaat' one . Zoro sighed .
" Luffy I dont think you know the situation were in . So just shut up"
He said .
" Oh but dont worry . We have bread and POTATO"
The girl said . You and laws face went blue and you both made disgusted faces .
" Im sasha by the way . I love food ."

(Sasha is like luffy . Always thinking of food and always hungry)

" I think you know us.... so no need to interduce. .."
Law said and she nodded .
" Zoro lets make a deal , I HATE bread . I give you my bread , you give me half of your potato"
You whispered to zoro and he chuckled .
" (y.n)-ya , always fast to make food deals..."
Law said . You blushed and puffed your cheeks .
" Lets just see if we even get food . Then sure I'll give you my potato"
Zoro said and your face lit up .
" Aye!"
You said . Levi clicked his tongue .

~☆time skip , at the scouts place☆~

You arrived at a very old looking castle .
" This , is where we scouts stay , for now at least . levi will help you with everything ."
Erwin said . Levi had a 'oh god why me' face .
" I dont know what I did to receive this ."
Levi murmured and you giggled . All the guys were staring at you . Law let out a low growl staring daggers at them as he warped his arm around you .
" You better stay close to me"
He cooed in your ear and your heart skipped a beat . Playing it cool ,
"Why ? "
You asked . He just stared at you .
" God damn!"
Levis swearing was heard .
"Lemme fix you up"
Law said walking to him .
" How can you fix me here ?"
Levi said .
You , luffy , zoro and law all chuckled with demonic faces .
" Just watch"
You said grinning . Every scout stared at you guys .
Law said and his blue circle appeared . Everyone gasped . Law cut off levis leg . Screamings were heard and some were blue and erwin was starin intrested . No blood came out . Law fixed levis leg and the blue room disappeared .
" Just a week of playing it cool and you'll be good as new . Your bone was broken from 3 places and your flesh and tandems had critical damage ."
Law said walking to you like a boss .
" Surgeon of death-ya , way to play badass"
You said copying his -ya . After that you were all shown to your rooms . Your room was next to laws opposite of zoros . Down the hall was doffys amd luffys room .
" i hope everything is clean"
Law commented , whispering .
'Oh no! Another clean freak!'
All the scouts around you guys thought .
" Men , we were gone for too long . I want this place all cleaned up . And if you cant live to my standards , you will run whole day"
Levi ordered .
Law and levi said at the same time , and after that looked at eachother .
" Tch ,"
They both clicked their tongues . You burst out laughing .
" Whats so funny ?"
They both asked , same timing .
" HAH! you two are so alike ! You have black hair , gray eyes , short temper and your attitude is the same"
You said . Everyone nodded and they stared at eachother .
They said .
" See ? Thats what I mean ."
You said .
" I , uh.... im jean.... you.... you look pretty"
A guy told you blushing . You smiled .
" Well thank you jean . Im (y.n) , nice to meet you ."
You replied and you could feel laws gaze on you .
" W-would you like a tour from the place?"
He asked . Before you could rwply law came up to you .
" (y.n)-ya you have to rest . Doctors orders"
" W-whaaat ?! But law im fine! Plus jean was about to-"
He cut you off by throwing you over his shoulder . Doffy laughed .
You yelled at him blushing and he chuckled .
" We need to talk" he said .

Walking out of the castle , he walked behind it and put you down . He looked somewhat nervous .
You straightened up and looked at him .
" Im listening"
You said folding your arms , not in an aggressive way but in a tired one . He walked closer and you walked back , your back resting against the wall while you blushed . He looked at you then looked away .
" I wanted to tell you something from way back in dressrosa . But I guess I was too scared of your response"
He started and you could feel yourself blush more .
"Thing is..... (y.n)-ya ,-"
He closed the distance and his lips were close to your ear , his hot breath tickling your skin as he put his hands against the wall , trapping you .
"-I love you!"
He cooed in your ear and your eyes widened .
《He loves me ?!!!! He.... HE LOVES ME!! OH GOD IM SO HAPPY!!》
You thought . Smiling ever so lightly , you warped your arms around his neck .
" I love you too , Trafalgar D. Water Law"
You said and he looked at you .
The distance between you was closing .
You could hear your heart beat .
'Thump thump'
'THUMP thump'
You felt like your heart would stop at any second when finally ,
You coukd feel a pair of soft lips against yours . His lips fitted perfectly against yours , like puzzles . You kissed back . The kiss was gentle and filled with love , love and more love .
He put an arm around your waist and the other hand on your cheek , fingers brushing against it as you moved your fingers on his hair ever so gently . You never thought he could be this gentle .

Breaking the kiss ,
" After two long years , I finally got to say what I should've said back then"
He said . You smiled with teary eyes .
"After two long years I get to hold you . Law , I love you"
You cooed to him and he hugged you so tight it took your breath away . His embrace was strong and warm . You melted into the hug and hugged back as strong . Non of you wanted to break the contact . It was as if you felt complete after a century . As if your heart was filled . As if you were afraid to let go .
" Come on , lets go grab a bite"
Law said and broke the hug , but grabbed your hand . Smiling you nodded and you two walked inside .
Maybe this little trip to an unknown place wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.....

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