chapter 25.

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Its been a week since you came here . You were all searching for a way back but no luck till now . You walked down the hall without any specific thing to do . You saw everyone sitting on the grass so you went to join them . While walking a devilish grin appeared on your face as tou tackled law to the ground .
" Wha-!!!!!!- (y.n)-ya...."
Law said and you giggled .
" You need some discipline !"
He said kissing you roughly . You kissed back immediately as his hands moved up and down on your sides .
"Ew! Torao is trying to eat (y.n)!!"
Luffy commented and you snapped back to reality . You had both forgotten everyone else was sitting there . Ansd they were looking at you with weird looks . Blushing you set up and elbowed law on the stomach .
" So anyway , what's up ?"
You asked .
" Your......shirt ?"
Doffy replied and pointed at your shirt . You looked down and blushed , fixing it . It was halfway up and some of your bra was showing .
" Seriously torao... get your dirty work somewhere else"
Zoro commented laying on the grass .
" Heeeeeyyy!! Lunch will be ready soon! !"
Sasha yelled running to you . Levi was standing by the door and armin , mikasa and hanji were all walking towards you .
Oh you have no idea how wrong you were. ....
Suddenly there was wind coking from the ground and you guys started hovering and going higher and higher .
" We're leaving here!"
Law said . You looked at everyone and waved .
"Thanks guys.... we will miss you and never forget you ! Take care and kick some titan butt . But dont die !"
You said and they all waved back .
" Oh and levi.... you're cute!"
You addd but beforeany of them could reply you were gone .
"Are we going home ?"
Luffy asked .
" Fufufu ~ no one knows"
Suddenly you stopped falling . Like you were on ground .
" What now?"
Law asked irritated and you held his hand . Everything was a light green . All you could see was green . But suddenly everything was black . Being afraid of darkness you squeezed laws hand and he hugged you humming in your ear .
Then there was this screen like thingy appearing outta nowhere . It started showing something .

" Did you knew , if we exchange this cup of sakei , we can become brothers ?"
A freckled kid said .
" Yosh! We might not be in the same crew but our bond of brothery will always be with us ."
A blonde kid with a missing tooth said .
And so they exchanged the cup of sakei.....

" Ace..... sabo..... those are my memories !!"
Luffy said .

The scene changed and there was luffy crying for sabos death . Telling ace he wants to become strong and asking ace to not die .

Luffy bit his lip as his hat covered his eyes .

The scene changed to marineford war . Swords clashing , screams heard and blood everywhere . Then there was akainu attacking luffy which ace shielded luffy . And aces death speech .

Luffy relived aces death again . By now you were all uncomfortable and zoro actually hugged luffy .
" Oh god...."
You whispered wiping your tears .

Then there was law saving luffy , the operation included .

You hugged law tighter .
" Torao.... thanks for saving me again"
Luffy said and law nodded .

There was luffy going crazy and jinbe calming him , the scenes where kuma sent everyone 'WOOP' in sabaody archipelago , and luffys reunion with sabo . Also how luffy met zoro .

" That was......intresting. ..."
Law commented .
" tch, I never thought my life would turn out like this ."
Zoro said .

the screen showed zoro train as a kid and challenge kuina . Then there was kuinas death .

Zoro sighed sadly .

The scene shifted to when zoro saved luffy from kuma .

he went pale .
" Ano..... whats that ?!"
Luffy said .

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