Chapter 36.

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"We need food and water . There's an island close by . Lets go there and get what we need ."
Barto explained .
" Ok but lets stick into groups . Who knows what can happen ?! I have a very bad feeling"
You said .
" Yeah I agree . At least 3 men groups ."
Law said .

" I can see the island! !"
Luffy said . You all wallee to the railing and your eyes widened .
" W-whats wrong with that island ?!?!"
You asked . It was like the island was reflected in the sky as well . You looked at the sky and gasped as you saw your ship in the sky as well !!

(It sorta looks like this . Sorry my left hand hurts so I drew it with my right hand . Its like the worst thing I ever drew . Anyways this is what I mean .)

" What the hell ????"Doffy growled

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" What the hell ????"
Doffy growled . Law pulled you closer and was ready for battle . Everyone was nervous . You looked at the sky again and saw people on the parallel ship . There was a girl who had similarities to you . However her hair was pure white , so was her skin , and her eyes white part was black and her eyes were yellow . She looked very scary now that you took a closer look . She was staring at you just like you were staring at her . She grinned a devilish grin and waved .
You screamed and his your face in laws chest . Law looked up and his eyes winded . There he was with white hair red eyes and paler skin and sharp teeth . The parallel law sticked his tongue out at law and law growled . Everyone was in the parallel ship . They were the opposite of their actual looks . Like barto had pink hair and blue eyes . Luffy had white hair and red eyes . Zoros hair was pink and his eyes were red .
Doffy had pitch black hair , his coat was black and the color of his shades were black and blue . Robins hair was white as her eyes were pink .
You all yelled . Soon you reached the island and got off the ship . You looked up and saw your copy looking down up at you . It was creepy .
" Bahahaha zoro you look good with that pink hair!!!"
Luffy laughed with tears in his eyes .
Zoro growled gripping on wano ichimonji .
" Guys this is not the time"
Robin said .
" Lets just g-go get what w-we need a-and get the hell out of here..."
You said as you were shaking . Law hugged you .
" I agree with her!"
Usopp said . He was hiding behind franky .
" AOW! I think this is SUUUPPPAAAR !"
Franky did the pose .
"Fufufu ~ maybe they cant come here and we cant go there ."
Doffy said trying to ease you .
" Still! Its creepy...."
You shrunk in laws chest as he hugged you tighter whispering sweet things to you .
" Lets split to two groups and go search this island ."
Law said and you devided into two groups .
G1: you , law , doffy , zoro , Cavendish
G2: luffy , Usopp , robin , barto , franky .
The rest stayed at the ship guarding it .
" Yosh! Lets go!"
Luffy said and the second group left for south . You were docked in the east port .
" We should go too ."
Zoro said and you guys started heading north . Looking up every once in a while . The island was dark and gloomy and every here and there skulls and bones were seen .
Kneeling down you examined a skull .
" Hmm... looks like this man died around 200 years ago... and he used to be a pirate . All of his belongings were stolen and...... wait whats this ?!"
You said grabbing the head and looked at it . You stared at the skull and it felt as if it cursed back . Everyone was surprised about your medical knowledge .
" whats wrong ?"
Cavendish asked . You stared into the skulls eye holes .
" This island. .... does anyone have a map ?"
You asked . Doffy handed you one . You looked at it and tried to find the island .
" Its not on the map . This is definitely a cursed island . I want to investigate more ."
You said with pleading eyes .
" Suit yourself"
Law said intrested . He is a surgeon after all....

Something catched your eye . The skulls shoulder bone was broken .
"Looks like an animal killed him ?"
Law said . You shook your head .
" No.... no animal breaks the bones this way.... plus they dont just kill by biting shoulder . They either eat the person or tear them apart . Thats how animals kill.... this is....."
The birds suddenly flew in the sky and trees and bushes moved . There was cracking wood sounds and running footsteps as it got closer . Your eyes widened as you saw the person before you .
" A vampire!"
You yell whispered and it launched at you . Everyone got away but you were standing there frozen .
" (y.n)!!!"doffy yelled and you blinked . Kicking the vampire forcefully in his stomach .
You yelled at it and drew your katana .
" No lets just retreat for now !!"
Law yelled . The vampire growled .
You yelled and attacked him . He countered your attack with his claws and tried to claw you with his other hand . He attacked you in high speed and pinned you to the ground .
You flipped and you were on top .
"Im what ?!"
You asked . You felt him stop pushing .
" You're one of us!"
He said . Your eyes widened . He was talking nonsense right ? How could you be a creature like him ?!
" SHUT UP !"
You said headbutting him . He growled in pain and kicked you off him then disappeared in the shadows .
" Are you ok ?!"
Law asked rushing to you .
" Yeah , im good ."
You said .
" What just happened ?! It was so fast!"
Zoro said .
" Yeah it happened too fast ."
Cavendish said .
"(Y.n)-ya are you ok ?!"
Law asked .
" Im fi-AH!"
You screamed holding your neck . The curse mark was throbbing .
" Im good..."
You said standing up ignoring the intense pain .
"How were you able to react so fast ?"
Law asked .
" I....dont know..."
You replied looking down .
" Lets find a safe place and rest a bit"
Doffy suggested and everyone nodded . You were all worn out . Finding an open area who was brighter compare to the rest of the island you guys set . You were leaning against a tree looking at the sky while law had his head on your lap as you played with his hair .

What the hell is happening ?!

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Sorry if I updated late but I was trying to set what is going to happen in the right order in my mind . I hope you enjoyed . I love how law looks with that white hair and red eyes . I love that pic too much ♡~♡

 I love that pic too much ♡~♡

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