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"I cant believe were going to be a family. " Alec smiles rubbing Magnus' flat glittery tummy with awe.

"I know." Magnus smiles wide, shivering, Alecs massive hands were cold against his warm skin.

"So...thats why you were vomiting every morning for the past few weeks since we had sex." Alec says.

"We had sex last month on the third and I started vomiting a few weeks later so I must be at least 3 weeks." Magnus says cuddling into his boyfriends chest.

Alec kissed his sparkly hair and replies "this is crazy. "

"I know."Magnus smiled simply, rubbing his thumb on Alecs knuckles.

"Grow faster little one, mommy cant wait to see you. " Magnus smiles at his tummy.
6 months later

"Alexander darling! " Magnus cries from the living room couch.

Alec hurried into the room "yes baby?"

"Could you do something for me?" Magnus asks rubbing his bump and propping his feet on the arm of the couch.

"Of course." Alec smiled leaning against the doorway.

"Could you please get me some of that icecream we had last night? The babys craving some."

"Sure kitten" Alec smiles and left.

Magnus winces as he fixs his position on the couch making room for Alec.

He lets out a sigh and rubs his bump.

"Your getting so big." Magnus grinned wide.

He suddenly felt the baby kick and he gasped.

"You understood me!" He cries.

Alec hurried in with the ice cream and a spoon and sat next to his pregnant boyfriend.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" He asks handing Magnus the ice cream and spoon.

Magnus retrives it with a smile.
"The babys kicking me,"

"Really?!" He gasps and places his massive hands on the bump.

Alec felt nothing and he sighs.

"Nothing." He frowns.

Magnus chuckles aloud taking a spoonful of icecream.

"Mmmm strawberry. " Magnus sighs.

"I take it that its good?" Alec smiles at his boyfriend.


Alec places his hands on the bump again.

"I love you. You know that? Daddy loves you so much and I cant wait to see you. " Alec coos at the bump.

Alec and Magnus gasps as they feel the movement of their baby.

"You understood me!" Alec smiles.

"See?" Magnus smiled scraping the sides of the icecream container for the residue.

"I cant believe we have to wait 3 more months to see you. " Alec frowns running his hands over Magnus' bump.

"I wish we knew the gender. " Magnus frowns placing the empty container on the floor.

"Same." Alec frowns.

"Wait I have an idea." Magnus gasps.

"You have a healthy baby growing inside you Magnus. " Clary smiles looking up at the ultrasound in front of them.

The heart beat was strong and perfect. Magnus and Alec were nearly in tears hearing it.

"Thats our baby. " Magnus smiled wide.

It wasnt easy telling everyone that Magnus was pregnant, it took weeks before everyone realised it was actually happening.

"I have the DNA test results. " isabelle says coming in the room Jace and Simon were following behind her like lost puppies.

"You do?! Oh tell us! Is it a girl or boy?!" Magnus cries sitting up fast.

Clary moved away from the two and over to Simon and Jace.

"Woah woah woah woah hold on Mags!" Isabelle smiles.

"No! I want to know! " Magnus pouts.

"First of all. What do you think your having? " she asks smiling at the paper.

"Well, they always say that mothers are right, and I feel like im carrying a baby girl " he smiled leaning against Alec.

"Your having a girl" She smiled.

"We are?! Oh Alexander darling were going to have a daughter!"


Sorry that it was short! Hope you enjoyed it ! Chapter 3 will be up soon! :)) xoxo

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