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Malec - the little Mermaid AU by keasstories
Malec - the little Mermaid AUby Hey, I'm Kea♔
Magnus is a merman, Alec a Prince. While his ship sinks, Magnus saves him from drowning. It's the classical "the little mermaid" story, I don't think anyone is...
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Hundred miles apart - another Malec Story by magnuswayland
Hundred miles apart - another magnuswayland
[COMPLETED] Alec was always living like a shadow in his school. No one saw him and neither did he have a lot of friends. One night he gets a message from an unknown numb...
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SHADOWHUNTERS  by Matilda_aberg
Have you ever been wondering what the text messages between Clary and her friends looks like, and what happens when you mix Shadowhunters, Vampires and Warlocks in the s...
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Shadowhunters Group Chats  by KissedByAShadow
Shadowhunters Group Chats by KissedByAShadow
There's seriously not enough of these on the Internet. If you can't find em, why not make em? [Requests open]
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Until you came along (english) by malecstories
Until you came along (english)by malecstories
When Alec meets Magnus, he knows that his life will never be the same again.
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thrown out by qolariod
thrown outby qolariod
Alec's life was completely turned upside down when he got thrown out of his own home, and now nothing can go back to the way it used to be. This is a AU where everyone's...
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Malec Au: A Highschool fan fiction  by bcher5
Malec Au: A Highschool fan fiction by bcher5
Check out my new malec pregnancy fanfic ❤️❤️ Titled " A new life"
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unique  by SirLightwoodBane
unique by SirLightwoodBane
Alec Lightwood-part shadowhunter, part downworlder(s). A hybrid nephilim. no answer to how he was born the way he is. Despised by his parents and his demon side unknown...
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A Malec Story by jessicablomberg89
A Malec Storyby jessicablomberg89
Magnus and Alec deserve their own story, there are so many gaps in their story, especially in TMI. I've written this from their alternating Point of Views. This is a can...
A Malec Alphabet by HolyHephaestus
A Malec Alphabetby ALEX
An A-Z of all things Malec! 26 short stories that will take you through the highs and lows of Magnus and Alec. Available in both Spanish and Polish via chapter one. Copy...
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Captive angel - Malec by pringlekaatje
Captive angel - Malecby pringlekaatje
For 20 years the downworlders and the shadowhunters have been at war with each other, and the shadowhunters are on the loosing side. Magnus is the leader of the downwor...
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Beauty and the Beast ~ a malec fanfiction by MissLMF
Beauty and the Beast ~ a malec lorna
"Who could ever learn to love a beast?" --- Prince Magnus wasn't exactly grateful of the life that he lived. He was selfish and vain, unappreciative of his st...
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The forgotten fairchild by kaelynswriting
The forgotten fairchildby kaelynswriting
"I love my brothers to pieces but in my heart i've always wanted a sister" Isabelle said, she looked Clary in the eyes. "Same" Clary replied But what...
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MALEC Stranded by mundane_in_shadows
MALEC Strandedby Mundane in Shadows
Alexander Lightwood and Magnus Bane are stranded on an island after a planecrash. At first they hate each other but what happens when they need to survive together?
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Malec Texts by HolyHephaestus
Malec Textsby ALEX
"lets just say i'm already picturing having his babies, thats how the date went" "i'm guessing this wasn't for me..." ...
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the love within (Malec) (short story) by robbexsander
the love within (Malec) (short Randerxmalec
after a rift magically opens a greater demon gets out and manages to get out other demons destroying everything, As much as the shadowhunters try it looks like nothing c...
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Adopted by Magnus Bane by Reader_for_life_46
Adopted by Magnus Baneby Zoey
Cecily Jones is fourteen years old, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and an orphan. When she one day witnesses a mysterious man in black violently kill someone...
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Malec Smutt by SirLightwoodBane
Malec Smuttby SirLightwoodBane
Malec SMUTT. Lust, passion, greed, hunger. You name it. I got so annoyed that I'm not close to malec smutt on my other stories that I just had to make a separate one so...
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Malec Smut by nonamreesh
Malec Smutby MalecFanfic
Alec is trying to get some work done at the institute, but a pesky warlock keeps getting in the way 😏 *Please vote for this story so more people can read it*
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