Chapter 48: Kin

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"Y/n?" the Golden woman whispered as if not believing the sight in front of her.

Njord stood behind her with a face of disbelief, the scent of the sea carried on an unnatural breeze.

"P-princess Freya?" she stuttered, unsure of what to call her. Aunt sounded a bit too casual for someone she's never met and her name by itself was downright disrespectful.

"Y-you're alive?" the Goddess's green-blue dress trailed behind her as she took careful steps toward Y/n. She reached out to touch her face, her fingers soft and cold against Y/n's skin.

The girl didn't have time to comprehend what happened next. Freya, who was maybe a few inches taller than her, pulled Y/n into a tight hug.

"I thought we had lost you," tears fell from her eyes.

Y/n tentatively wrapped her arms around her long-lost aunt, trying to fight her emotions. She didn't know why she was feeling this way for a woman she had never meant. But something about her was familiar the man who had hugged her goodbye at the orphanage a long time ago.

She released her but still held her arms as she said, "You're a twin of your mother,"

Her breath hitched. She had never seen Gerd before as there were no books written of her. Even Frigga never got the chance to meet her.

"Aye," agreed Njord stepping forward to take a look at Y/n.

His old yet wise eyes scanned over her. His face appeared stoic for a few moment sbut then he cracked into a smile. He placed a hand on her shoulder and spoke, "My dearest granddaughter, welcome home."


Thor and Loki were left alone in their shared room and Y/n walked with her family to the Royal Library.

"When we heard you were in Asgard we knew we had to reach out my dear," Freya said, one arm looped around Y/n's.

"Aye, it was quite the surprise my dear," Njord said looking at her with a warm smile.

"A surprise? Didn't you know I was alive?" she asked.

They both fell into silence, wondering what to say. It was Njord who spoke first, "Dear Y/n, do you know what happened that dreadful night?"

"I know of what happened with my father and I, but nothing before," she replied.

The stopped in front of the library doors and with a flick of Njord's wrist, the unnatural breeze entered the hall and pushed the door open. The library was bigger than that of Asgard's. The room was like a labyrinth, with curved shelves that soared high into the sky. Y/n looked up and gasped, there was no roof to cover this sacred room, but instead, there was a clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds that somehow travelled through the library too. Books flew around either going to those sitting at the tables or placing themselves back to their spots. At the heart of the vast space grew a beautiful Ash Tree depicting all the Nine realms.

"Sit my dear," he said gesturing to a lounge nearby.

The all sat down and a nearby cloud floated over.

"Tea?" Freya asked.

"Yes please," she replied gently taking the cup.

She took a sip as Njord started speaking.

"As you probably know my dear, your mother Gerd was of Jotunheim. She was a frost giant. She was the woman of your father's heart. However, many disapproved of this,"

Freya started, "Many from the realms disapprove of the Jotuns and believe them to be monstrous creatures. But Frey didn't see it that way. He loved all that lived and thought all deserved the chance to do so. He believed your mother was the most beautiful creature in the world. But many others didn't believe that,"

"You see Y/n," Njord started, "She was the daughter of the General, the right hand of King Laufey which made her particularly disapproved. Many people were targeting her. For a while she was able to hide herself using her magic, looking exactly like what you look like now. But the news was somehow leaked so her and my son hid in the forests of Aflheim for months. The wedded in secret and then had you my child. However, the news of a child born of Frey and Gerd spread like wildfire. They traced the news back to your house and well..."

He trailed off as he noticed Y/n's hands slowly shaking.

"Keep going, please," she said softly.

It was Freya who continued, "My brother wasn't at home during that time, but you and Gerd were, she hid you and protected you as much as she could however, giving birth to a Vanir and Jotun child took a toll on her. She did everything she could but, Frey was too late. News spread around of her death but it was somehow twisted into thinking you had died that night too, but now we know that was a lie,"

She inhaled and told her family, "Y-yes, Loki told me that Frey came to Frigga and asked her for help which she in turn asked from the Norns. The asked for a life for a life and let me live my life on Earth but asked my father to move on into the afterlife,"

Njord smiled, "Frigga was always powerful. However being able to change the flow of time itself with the Norns is something else,"

Y/n shook her head and put her cup down, "I don't understand,"

"What my dear?"

"Why did father go to Frigga and not you. Surely you could have protected both of us," she said.

The two of them looked and each other and then back to Y/n.

"My dear, Frigga and Frey were so close when they were younger and there were many in the palace during that time who also were against the union," Njord said reaching out to hold her arm.

"So, there was no way he could've lived?" she asked absent mindedly playing with her Father's Napkin.

"No ,my darling," Freya said looking down but then her eyes caught something, "Is that-?"

She looked pointedly at the napkin and Y/n replied, "Yes it is, Frigga gave it to me on my first night in Asgard,"

"I'm glad it found its way home again," her aunt replied causing Y/n to smile, "Now, I suppose you want to go see your father's old stuff don't you?"

She nodded enthusiastically, "Yes please, I don't suppose you have a drawing of my mother too?"

Njord laughed and said, "If you want to see your mother my dear all you have to do is look in a mirror. Now come lets go downstairs,"

"Downstairs?" Y/n asked confused.

"My brother moved out of the palace years ago but we had his stuffed retrieved and placed in safe keeping in our treasure room,"

"And then after that we can take you to the water and test out that boat of yours," Njord said, "May I see it actually?"

"Of course," she said passing it to her grandfather.

He took it from her hand gently and looked over it many times.


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