Chapter 21: Love?

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"So that's what I've got for now," I explained to Wanda.

"That sounds like a pretty fun day," she hands me a cookie she baked, and I melt at the flavour.

"Red velvet with white chocolate! Who would have thought!"

The sound of Wanda's laugh filled the room as I helped her put the cookies in a jar. She placed them on the highest shelf so Wilson couldn't reach them. I was just about to chip of another piece of Tony's bank account on my laptop when a black-haired god stood before me.

'Crap what do I do?! Guys!' I look towards you readers with a pleading look before facing him again.

His emerald eyes looking deep into my soul as he looked at me with an unreadable expression.

Relief? Fear? Hunger?

He then cleared his throat and spoke, "Lady Y/n..." He hesitated to go on. "I'd like to thank you for trying to make my mother's visit one to remember,"

So formal. Unlike our old conversations, but at least he was speaking to me.

"It's no problem, Loki!" I said enthusiastically. "So...could I get a hug??"

I open my arms in invitation, but he simply stares at them.

"Don't push it,"

I nod and he walks away.

"You have cookie crumbs all over your mouth by the way," he says over his shoulder.

Crap. I rub it off quickly with my sleeve and death stare Wanda.

"You didn't think to tell me?!"

Loki POV

"See, that wasn't too hard brother!" Thor said clapping my shoulder.

The oaf had almost pushed it out of its socket. I rubbed my sore shoulder as he laughed.

"My ears are bleeding you fool," I grumbled.

"Your one step closer to having a successful relationship," I death stared my idiotic brother.

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