Chapter 33: Home

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IM ALIVE! Just a little unmotivated by trying to get back. Love y'all!!

"No Loki we can't get another chocolate cake," Y/n shook her head laughing.

The two of them had already devoured 2 full cakes. Well more like one of the did. The God of Mischief, 'destroyer of Manhattan,' certainly had a sweet tooth.

"But y/n~" he whined.

"No Loki and that's final," she said shaking her head at him.

The God pouted but stopped asking. Loki paid for the bill with Tony's credit card and led Y/n outside. They sat on a bench next to a little lake. The city lights on the horizon and Loki's jacket wrapping around Y/n's body.

"Thanks, are you not cold?"

"Frost Giant blood has its perks darling," he said.

She smiled and looked out into the distance, "Do you like it?"

Loki turned his head towards her.

"Your Frost Giant heritage?"

Loki sighed before turning back to the horizon. "I'm not particularly fond of it, but like I said before it has its pros,"

They were silent for a few minutes before Y/n replied, "I like it..."

Loki furrowed his brows in confusion but let her go on, "Thor showed me a book from Asgard, displaying every single species in the nine realms. I saw the page on frost giants..."

Loki's breath hitched. He never wanted this. For her to know what a monster he was. From the canines to the blood red eyes. The skin of death and their vile nature.

Y/n's final met his eyes. Her own y/e/c orbs glistening in the moon's light. She finally replied, "And I thought they were beautiful,"

Something in Loki's heart felt relieved. Like finally putting down the weights Thor used after showing him he could do it too. But there was also something else. Something that made his stomach do backflips. Y/n held his stare and gave him a small smile.

She was different. Very different. Sure, he had courted many women before, but none had made him feel this way.

Vulnerable yet safe.

Proud yet nervous.

Scared yet...loved.

His eyes flickered down to her soft painted lips. Only for a second before he met those beautiful eyes again.

Y/n stared deep into his eyes, noticing how they had flickered down to see her lips. His blue orbs almost looked at her as if to ask, 'May I?'.

She smiled at him and then looked down at his lips as if to say, 'Please.'

Loki's hand reached up to brush away a stray piece of hair, never breaking eye contact. His hand made phantom touches from her cheek down to her neck. Y/n shivered at his cold touch against her warm skin. His soft hand slid to the back of her neck gently pulling her closer. Her own hands travelled up his torso and found his collar. Clutching tightly onto it. He melted at the touch but kept firm. He wanted this more than any throne that had ever come close to his clutches.

Their lips were a mere inch away from each other. He looked into her eyes for confirmation once more before going closer. Loki's other hand wrapped around her waist tracing circles on her exposed back. She felt his breath on her skin and could almost feel the touch of his soft looking lips. His upper brush her lower one once, twice and then when he knew she wanted him he leaned down just a bit closer.

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