Chapter 42: Beauty of Sleep?

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Sorry its been so long and short!!!

Loki POV

I groaned as the light spilled through the curtains, wanting to catch just a few more moments of sleep. Sadly, we can't always get what we want.

"Loki, its time you wake up," Mother pulled open the curtains to reveal the city beyond.

"No~" I whined and pulled the blankets over my head.

"Silly child," mother tutted. "I wonder what Y/n would think,"

I rolled my eyes and searched to see if Niorun would welcome me back. And then it hit me. I ripped off the blankets and fell off the bed whilst doing so. Y/n was here, on Asgard. And she was hurt.

"Where is she?" I panted.

Mother smirked and said, "To my knowledge still in her room,"

That was all I needed.


The napkin was featherlight in my hands as I studied its markings in the morning light. I had woken up with a horrible headache but somehow looking at it made me feel just a tad bit better.

The runes on the side were hard to decipher, but nothing Loki couldn't help me with.

"Y/n!" a dishevelled figure came crashing into my room.

'Speak of the devil,'

"Loki?" I pocketed the napkin and walked towards him.

He looked as if he had just gotten out of bed. His untamed hair and lack of shirt had proven so.

"What's wrong?" I cupped his face in my hands and made him look up at me.

"Mother said you were awake," he said after catching his breath. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, I was just going to find something to eat. Would you like to join me?" I said.

"Of course! Yes! I mean- Why not?" he ranted.

Loki slung an arm over my shoulder and guided my to the door. I was tucked under his arm and pressed against his torso, making my hair turn quite pink.

I cleared my throat, "L-Loki?"

He looked down, his green eyes twinkling, "Yes my darling,"


My whole head was pink now. I took a quick glance at his torso and then back up.

He looked down at himself and smirked.

"And here I thought you were enjoying the view,"

"Yes – I mean no – I mean!" I stammered internally trying to kill myself.

He chuckled darkly and flicked his wrist, making his usual attire appear in a flash. "Shall we my lady?"

I rolled my eyes and tried to calm down the hair, "I hate you,"

A low hmm came out from the back of his throat as he threw her a sly smile, "Of course you do."


Loki acknowledged the guards and they pushed open the grand looking doors to reveal a giant hall crowded with Asgardian folk. The people were laughing and telling tales as they wolfed down their breakfast.

Speaking of food.

It was like it was never-ending.

Dozens of servants kept bringing in more and more each second. From pastries to sausages to things I've never seen before.

I think I'm drooling.

The God of Mischief guided me through various tables until at last we had reached our destination. There sat four faces I had never seen before.

"The lady has awoken!" the red headed man yelled in joy.

"Um hello?" I sighed tentatively, I looked to Loki inaudibly asking him who they were.

He rolled his eyes and with disinterest told me who they were. "Y/n this is Volstagg, Hogan, Fandral and Sif. They are friends of Thor's,"

"You act as if we are complete strangers Loki," the warrior woman said.

"That's how you treated me for the past 1000 years so I really don't see a difference Sif," he said glaring at her.

The woman held his stare but thankfully the blonde one cleared his throat.

"It tis a pleasure to finally meet you Lady Y/n," he said kissing my hand. I could almost feel Loki gaze burning at the back of my head. "The last time we saw you, you were in a state of rest, even then your beauty was something out of this universe," he said winking. "You are like what the Midgardians call...What is it? Ah! Yes Beauty of Sleep,"

I gently pulled away my hand and gave him an awkward smile, "T-Thank you?"

Loki's hand slid around my waist and pulled me towards the other end of the table. I was now sitting next to the quiet warrior, Hogan I believe.

"Lovely to meet you Lady Y/n,"

"You too Hogan," I said smiling.

I looked at the array of foods in front of me. Where to start?

Sausages? Eggs? Whatever that thing is?

Loki whispered, "Try the brown cheese love,"

I hesitantly picked up his suggestion and took a small bite. It was brilliant!

"That's amazing!" I exclaimed looking up at him.

But he was already busy loading up various foods on to my plate. "Loki I won't be able to eat this all!"

"I'm not taking no as an answer my darling,"

I felt as though a dozen butterflies had hatched in my stomach. Why is this happening?

He had finally finished his little tower of food and gave me a proud grin. I couldn't help but laugh at my God of Mischief's childishness.

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