Chapter 19: Intervene

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(Favourite Pancake Topping = f/p/t)

Clint carried Y/n through the vents and down into the kitchens. They were greeted by Steve and Tony who were making some coffee and upgrading the toaster respectively. Y/n still couldn't shake the thought of Loki shoving past her yesterday. Was it something about her? Or was he just in a bad mood?

"We have a cat?" questioned Steve.

"Nah it's just Y/n," replied Clint.

Steve observed her closely and then saw her cradling her one if her arms. That was her alright.

"Should you be shifting whilst having a weak arm?"

She hissed at Steve as Clint placed her on Pietro's jumper on the kitchen table. The soldier backed away and raised his arms in defence.

"Well, what do you know, the great Captain America afraid of a Cat. You learn something new every day," this statement earned Tony a glare from Y/n.

He then mouthed a sorry and turned back down to his interesting toaster.

"What do you want for breakfast kid?" asked Clint.

She replied with a soft purr and the Bird Man started collecting pancake ingredients.

"Seriously how do you understand her?" asked Tony.

"Dunno, just used to it," answered Clint.

As the old men talked Y/n floated her way into her thoughts again.

'Was Loki awake?'

'Did he like his room?'

'Will he talk to me?'

'Did my breath smell of grass when I hugged him?'

"Earth to Y/n!"

She looked up to see Clint waving a spatula in front of her small head. In his left hand he was holding a plate of golden pancakes drowned with syrup and (f/p/t). Excitement filled her small cat body as she jumped up on all fours. Which she immediately regretted.

A loud screeched filled the kitchen as she fell on her back.

"Y/n!" Clint screamed putting his plate down and rushing towards her.

He picked the cat and held her in his arms. Steve and Tony came towards the pair and the latter asked FRIDAY to give her a scan.

"Tension on Ms Frey's wound caused her to fail down again. I highly suggest pain medications and some more wrapping," she replied.

"You heard her kid, down to the labs you go,"

"Meow," Y/n replied sadly.

Clint held her tightly to his chest and walked towards the elevator. It dinged open and out stepped two very tall gods.

"Good morn Barton!" spoke Thor in his usual loud manner.

"Hey Thor, Loki," he said only giving the latter a curt nod.

The black-haired god returned the gesture and let his eyes drift to the little black cat curled up in the archer's arm. He was about to ask why the furry fiend was in the tower, but his blond brother beat him to his question.

"I wasn't aware the tower had a Flerkin," he said looking quizzically at the creature.

"That is a Midgardian Cat brother, not a Flerkin,"

Clint simply stared between the two, not understanding a word of their gibberish.

"W-well yeah, it's a cat but not a real one. Wait no, it is a real one, but it isn't real," he said.

From the look on the gods' faces he knew that he too was speaking gibberish.

"It's Y/n,"

The Loki's face paled and he walked away from the two muttering 'my apologies.' The cat lifted her small head and watched the god speed walk his way into the kitchen.

'Did he not like his room?' she thought.

"Well, we best get going," said Clint.

"You shall. I wish you the best health Lady Y/n," Thor said giving her a light pat on her head.

She meowed in reply before entering the elevator with her friend.

Unbeknownst to the pair, Loki had been watching them walk away into the elevator. Once they were gone, he slumped onto one of the chairs on the kitchen island and vanished into his thoughts.

Thor sat on the other side of him and hesitated putting his arm over Loki's shoulder.

"Touch my shoulder with your arm and you will lose it," he threatened.

"You should not listen to father's words Loki,"

"Don't act like you know what it's like to be in my place. You didn't live in my shadow and watch me gain praise from my father," the last word was dripped with venom.

"I know Loki. I don't understand. But I do know what it is like to love someone,"

"I don't love her,"

"Fine, I know what it is like to have an intense feeling of deep connection towards someone,"

"You literally just described the definition of love," his brother retorted.

Thor sighed and said, "The point is, you can't just turn her away because of something father said,"

"I can and I will," Loki seethed getting off from the bench and walking away.


"Sometimes I question why I ever married him," spoke Frigga as she sat on a bench in front of her all-seeing pond.

She had watched the interaction between her son and the Midgardian girl and then between the former and her other son.

"And why do you say that my lady?" questioned Gna, one of her many attendants.

"He is consistently trying to write our sons' future, especially Loki. And now, the moment he finds someone who could change him, heal his broken heart, Odin comes in and intervenes,"

"What will you do about it your highness," asked Hlin.

The mighty queen stood up from her seat and turned to her attendants.

"I think it is my turn to intervene."

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