Chapter 36: Need

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Though this chapter may be short, I feel as though i have deprived u for too long. :(

Rain poured heavily for the New York Sky, as Y/n flew further and further away from the tower. Her anger and sadness clouded her vision so what was in front of her didn't seem to matter.

Even if it cost her, her life.

Loki POV

'I should've kept my mouth shut,'

"Stark!" I yelled dashing out of the elevator.

'I should never have brought it up,'


'They're going to kill her,'


The Man of Iron stepped out of his lab rubbing his eyes as if he had just woken up.

"Geez Reindeer Games, let a man get his be-" he stopped mid-sentence looking at my dishevelled figure. "What-?"


Somewhere else, lets call it Grid 63

The men had finished injecting the solider as the helicopter signalled the jet to come in. They heaved his heavy body onto the table in the middle and strapped him down tightly.

The man, with a heart trapped in darkness, had that memory replying in his bed. Leading him into a dream filled sleep. A sleep filled with memories of that y/h/c girl. The fluids had worked on him so well, that he hadn't heard the shouts of the men outside as a black creature flew overhead.


One minute, I was in the sky. The drops of rain cooling the simmering rage within me.

The next minute, darkness. Welcoming, quiet, darkness.

Third Person POV

The sounds and bright lights of the city shielded the people in it from noticing a girl falling from the sky. Her body fell as if it were just a simple object. No life. No purpose.

No one turned to look at her. No one noticed her. No one helped her, as the men dressed in black caught her body, tied it up and threw it away. As if it were truly nothing at all.


My head was pounding and I heard faint voices around me, running and shouting. The wind was blowing hard, as if we were in a landing pad of sorts. Wait. Landing pad?


I commanded my eyelids to open, but they were just too heavy. My body was being moved somewhere against my will. My arms didn't want to move either, and not just because they were too tired to. Heavy chains had been wrapped around them and my legs, keeping my down. A similar piece of the cold metal wrapped around my neck around my neck. Tight enough so I couldn't sit up, but loose enough so I could breathe just fine.

Instead of killing me, they put me under a heavy sleep drug. Alive. Someone needed me alive.

A sharp sting came from my neck.


"No..." but my meek voice didn't stop the darkness from seeping through yet again.

Loki POV

"No sign of Miss Y/n yet," Stark's bot woman said through the computer.

Thor put a hand on my shoulder to try calm the simmering rage within. I knew it wasn't her fault, but somebody needed the blame.

"Loki..." he started.

I shoved off his arm and walked towards the elevator.

"Loki you need to calm down," Rogers put out his hands.

"Don't talk to me," I seethed and pressed the button.

"Loki-" Barnes spoke gently.

"I said don't talk to me!"

The elevator opened and I went inside, leaving all the Avengers in pity. Pathetic. I didn't need their pity. They all know it was my fault, they should just embrace it like anyone else would.

I stormed to my room and threw off every book on my shelf. The one Y/n painted...

"No, it's only going to make things worse..."

Where is that damn book? My eyes scanned through each section, each author, each title. Until there it was. For once I didn't care for the mess on the floor. The number of precious novels that were possible destroyed. The number of pages I probably ripped as I flipped the pages. I needed to find her.

I needed Y/n.

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