Chapter 31: Bathrobe

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Y/n happily skipped her way out of the jet with the briefcase in hand. It was currently 11pm in New York. The perfect time to wake everyone up if they were asleep.

"F.R.I.D.A.Y, microphone mode," she said entering through the door.

"Yes Ms Frey,"

"GUESS WHOSE BACK!" Y/ns voice screeched through the entire tower.

Groans from a few of the Avengers could be heard and Y/n smiled proudly.

"Heya kid, I take it the mission went well?" Stark said coming out of the elevator with a mug of coffee.

"Yup! I got to jump out of the Sydney eye," she said holding out the briefcase towards him.

"Sounds fun," he said taking it from her. Tony examined the briefcase and said, "Nothing we can't crack, thanks kid,"

And with that the Iron Man walked into the kitchen. Y/n sighed happily and made her way to the elevator. She rode it up to her room.

Loki POV

"GUESS WHOSE BACK!" a voice screamed through the wall.

I groaned and covered my head with these bloody soft sheets. Yes, I was somewhat happy that Y/n was back but I enjoy the fact she had awoken me from my peaceful slumber.

Alas, I could almost hear my mother shouting at me to go and greet her. I sighed and then tore off my blanket. Not bothering to put on a shirt I walked out of the comfort of my room in "sweatpants" and towards Y/n's room. I knocked twice at the door and called out her name. I heard noise inside, so I turned the handle.

"Y/n?" I said softly.

All the lights were on, and I heard water running in the bathtub.

'She's probably in the bath,' I thought and turned around to let myself out.

"LOKI!" I whipped my head around to see a flash of green come hurtling at me.

She latched onto my neck and enveloped me in a tight hug. Squeezing me as hard as Thor did. I was about to tell her of my current respiration problem but didn't say a word.

'Enjoy the moment,' mother would've said.

So, forgetting all my values, I- I let myself hug her back.

"You disappeared darling," I said softly.

"I know, I'm sorry," she replied.

I didn't know why I felt so light after seeing her and hearing her voice. Like some part of me felt...almost relieved to see her face again.

I felt.

I felt good.

She pulled away but kept her hands on my neck, and I kept mine around her waist.

"The mission was so sudden that I didn't have anytime to say anything, but I'll tell you all about it I swear," she said quickly.

I chuckled and replied, "I'm here whenever you need me Y/n,"

She smiled that oh so lovely smile and was about to say something. When the door swung open.

Third POV

What a sight it must have been. Natasha Romanoff had heard of Y/n's return and went to her room as fast as she could. But wasn't expecting what she saw.

Loki and Y/n stood there with their arms wrapped around each other. One in nothing but sweatpants and the other in a bathrobe. She tried to stay emotionless but on the inside, she thought of the money she would be earning from Clint.

"Hey you two," she said smoothly.

They both looked at her then at each other. Only then seeming to realise the position they were in. They pulled away and Loki turned slightly pink while Y/n's hair was covered in the colour.

"Natasha he he," she laughed nervously scratching the back of her head.

"I'm sorry for interrupting but please do go on," the assassin said.

"No-wait, we weren't-oh hell no we weren't like-," Y/n stammered trying to look for an explanation whilst Loki stood there smirking.

"Anything you wanna say Odinson?" asked Nat looking at the God's direction.

The God simply smiled and said, "Nothing at all Lady Romanoff. But I'll leave you too it. See you tomorrow darling," he sent Y/n a wink and left the room smirking.

"Loki!" she yelled at him for leaving her alone with the Agent.

"So, what's your excuse?" Nat grinned at Y/n.

"I..." she tried to think of something smart to say but ultimately blanked. "NEED TO SHOWER!"

And with that the shapeshifter sprinted to the bathtub that had overflowed a while ago.

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