Chapter 4: I'M GONNA BE RICH!

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"Y/N WAKE UP!" Nat shouted shaking me awake.

I opened my eye to see her.

"Come on, the sooner you get down to training the sooner we get to go shopping,"

"Meow," I was too tired to get up. I curled my fluffy black tail around me and rested my head on my paws.

"Fine, you leave me no choice,"

She disappeared into the bathroom as I closed my eyes yet again. Before I could contemplate what was happening. Ice cold water was poured onto me. I scrambled of my bed and looked at Nat who was holding a bucket in her hands.

"I told you to get up,"

I hissed at Nat as she picked her up.

"You have to do your assessment today since we couldn't do it yesterday. And if you finish it quickly we will finally be able to go on that shopping trip,"

I squirmed in her hands to make her drop me down.

"Ok ok! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,"

I sent her a glare.

"You left me no choice," she shrugged, "Now what do you want for breakfast?"

I jumped onto the counter and looked over to the fridge.

"Sausages and eggs?"


We ate our breakfast and Nat carried me down to the training rooms. I heard the sounds of people sparring and looked around my environment. The training rooms we're quite large and Stark had two of the floors bashed down to make a high ceiling. There was a glass wall dividing the training area and where the elevator was. There were couple of lounge chairs so we could view our teammates and a two change rooms. In the actual training room there were two mats, a boxing arena, two punching bags and bunch of fitness stuff like treadmills and weights.

On one of the mats I could see Bucky sparring Steve. On the second one was Bruce doing smart stuff and Tony playing Galaga.

"Hey Maleficent, is here!" rejoiced Tony.

I turned my head at the name.

"Well I heard when Baby Y/n gets cranky she likes to sprout horns and wings,"

I turned back into my normal self and jumped out of Nat's arm.

"Keep calling my Baby Y/n and you just might witness it,"

"You didn't deny the name," he said pointing a finger at me.

I rolled my eyes and Steve called me over.

"We are going to put you through some assessments to see what level you're at. It's going to be fitness, powers, intellect and then we're going to make you fight some of us,"

"Sounds fun,"

"Now let's get started,"

"You're first test is fitness, so come over here," Nat called me over, "I know your fitness level, but we need to show the guys what you got ok?"

"Let's do this,"

I laid down on the floor and Natasha sat on my back.

"What are they doing?" questioned Barnes.

"Shut up Barnes, FRIDAY get the camera ready," said Tony.

"Right away,"

As soon as the video started recording I started my push-ups.

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