Chapter 5: We Need To Spend Tony's Card

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"Hurry up Y/n! I need to go spend Tony's card!"

"How did you get your hands on it?"

"You doubted me?"

"Never mind," I squeak running into my bathroom.

The hot water releases the pain in my muscles as it rains on me. Finally some peace.


"Coming! Coming! Geez..." I get out of the shower and throw on a fit. I wore stockings and a black long-sleeve shirt with a brown checked dress that had a zip on the front. I let my hair down and chucked a pair of Doc Martins cause why not?

 I let my hair down and chucked a pair of Doc Martins cause why not?

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I came out of my bathroom to find Nat looking intensely into space.


"Huh? Oh yeah sorry, just thinking. Your room really needs a makeover, and from the looks of it your closet too,"


"Well come on we haven't got all day!" She yelled, dragging me out of the room.

I grabbed my bag quickly and slammed my door shut. We ran to the elevator and Nat hurriedly pressed the garage floor.

"Ok so we need room décor, clothes, electronics cause we wanna spend Stark's money and-"

"Books!" I cut her off.

"You really love your books don't you?"

"Yes I do, besides, Stark gave me a library and I only have like 12 books in there. I need to buy the Maze Runner series and some Shakespeare. Maybe a Rick Riordan or 5-" I was rudely cut off by the elevator opening to show 2 gods.

"My friends! Where are you off to?" Thor asked ecstatically.

They walked in and Loki didn't even acknowledge our presence as he was too lost in his book.

Magnus Chase.

I smirked to myself as Nat spoke "Y/n's room needs a makeover and so does her wardrobe.

"Okay I think my style is pretty good thank you very much! What do you think Thor?"

"I think you look splendid Lady Y/n! What about you brother?"

"Yes I do look very nice today,"

"Brother I was talking about Lady Y/n,"

"She looks," he looks at my outfit as a I give him the jazz hands, "adequate,"

I huff in annoyance, "I was going for magnificent or wonderful, but I guess that works too," I sigh.

"Yeah but you can't live off just 6 sets of clothes,"

"Fair enough," I yield.

The elevator reaches the garage and the four of us walk out. Thor said he needed to buy some pop-tarts, so he and Loki took a Bugatti Divo. If they had a license, I knew not. But hey, they were god's. No one was gonna give them a speeding ticket. The worst they'll get is having to take a video saying hi to some guy's kid whose actually just the guy too scared to say it's for himself.

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