Chapter 45: Home?

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"Hello my darlings, oh did I catch you at a bad time?" Mother asked when she turned around to look at us.

Her eyes were directed at Y/n and she let out a soft meow. "Not to worry mother, you just gave her a bit of a shock that's all," she suddenly turned her small body and hit me on my chest causing me to laugh, "Let me rephrase that, you gave us both a shock. Is that better darling?" she nodded and focused on Frigga.

"I'm sorry but this news couldn't wait," she ran up to Y/n and lifted her in the air as if she were a royal baby being presented to Asgard. "My darling," she brought her over to the tree and pointed up to the universe across from Asgard, "That is Vanaheim, your home," she said.

Y/n turned her head to the side.

Her gaze, curious. The sudden surge of the new emotion made her jump onto the tree. The action making me run up to make sure she didn't fall.

"Y/n!" but my mother held her hand in front of me.

"Let her go," she said smiling.

So I did.

She climbed up the tree branch by branch until she reached Vanaheim. Her eyes reflected the lighting shining from the stars and nearby galaxies making the sparkle. She reached out to touch the universe but found her arm passing through. Doing what could be seen as a smirk in cat, she got up on her hand legs and waved her hands in the air. She yowled and acted as if she were, what's the human culture reference? As yes, God of Zilla. Or is it Godzilla?

Whatever it was, it got mother and I laughing. Until she fell. I quickly caught her in my arms and she purred against my chest.

I chuckled then looked up, "You were saying mother?"

"Well darling, after our revelation the other day I got in contact with some friends,"

"Meow?" Y/n looked up.

Mother put her hand on her cheek and said, "My darling, your family wants to meet you,"

Y/n froze in my hands.

I said the words we were both thinking, "W-What?"

"Your grandfather Njord and aunt Freya want to see you my dear. They have been searching for you for so long and when they found out you had come to Asgard, they insisted to meet you as soon as possible," she picked her up and looked at her, "You're going home,"

Y/n simply blinked at her.

Not saying anything. Not doing anything. Just watching.

She then wriggled out of her arms and slowly padded her way to the door.

"What's wrong with her mother?"

"She just needs some time my dear, it's not every day you get to meet the family you've never met," she said looping her arm into mine. "Now tell me, have you told her how you feel yet,"

"N-Ye- Well I've been, I mean," I stammered.

She scoffed and said, "Loki if you don't speed this along I'm going to drop a truth serum into your tea and sit you in front of Y/n, it's been 45 chapters already!" mother looked up and threw a wink.

I stood there confused and was about to question what she said before she continued, "Go to Vanaheim with her, present a grand gesture and proclaim your love. Simple!"

"Easier said than done mother," I said rolling my eyes.

"The sooner its done, the sooner I have a daughter-in-law,"

"Mother!" I felt my cheeks go red.

"Now off you go, I need some time to select the flowers," she said shooing me away.


"That's for me to know and you to not, go go," 

Tis a short chapter but ye lol. btw Y/n and Loki havent kissed yet so *laughs in evil author*

Love you guyssss


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