Chapter 46: Time and Fate

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I actually wanted to call this chapter "what u write when u have no motivationa dn u want to cry cus u remember how much u love wiritng so ahhhh"

anyways luv u

The air was different in this world. Ancient. Warm yet cold. Light yet dark. As if the Norns haven't yet chosen its path. The mountains towered high above the lush verdant forests that seemed to never end. Ruins of the old world stay strong and mighty but there were always pieces broken.

In every scripture hand carved into the walls from the past life were written as if they were a song. But the song always had a deeper meaning.

Magic stretched through the land. From the skies above to the waters below. Unlike Asgard, here the country was the land. The people were just the caretakers.

The people could be gone but the land would thrive for many millennia. It may even be better than ever before. With every movement of every tribe, with every problem in each life, with every corruption in each history, they land of Fertility and Joy loses its life. Bit. By. Bit.

The sun struggles to shine upon the once great city. Instead, it wants to shine light on the past. Bring the lies and warped histories into the open. It wants the world it was many years ago, back. No one, not even Odin himself knows if it will for the Norns and stopped weaving the thread of time to that point. Because for once, in the millions of years they've been alive.

They don't know.

They can't thread the future beyond because of this.

They can't do anything now.

They don't know.

"Speak hags," a voice called from the darkness. The figure walked towards the dim light that shone through the small hole in the trunk of the tree. None knew were the Norns hid. None except one.

Now the figure stood in the dim room, the only source of light being from the universes outside hovering over each branch of Yggdrasil. The stars and worlds swirled around. Every now and then, the scrambling of Ratatoskr can be heard and after many an hour the screech of a Bird and growl of a Dragon followed it.

If you waited long enough, you could even feel parts of the tree shifting, as Nidhogg chewed on the roots below.

"What do you see?" the figure spoke again, anger lacing their voice.

The Past looked up but stayed silent. The Present took a deep breath but stayed silent. And the Future, no, Skuld didn't move. She did not talk, she didn't not flinch. Instead, her eyes had turned a dangerous milky white colour and she kept her gaze on the ceiling. Here hands were still wrapped around the string but no magic spilled.

She had been like this for years. None knew how, none knew why.

"We can't see, you fool," Urd seethed not removing the hood that shrouded her face.

"Hush," whispered Verdandi, "Heimdall watches,"

"I do not care who sees or if Surtur finds out of your where abouts," the figure strutted up and grabbed hold of the thread in their hands.

"I want you hags to tell me the future. I want you to tell me my future,"

"Skuld is bouncing between the living and died, only time will tell when she wakes. As for your future the Past and Present can not predict it. No one can. It is up to Fate," Verdandi spoke.

"You are fate goddamnit!" they said reaching out to grab her. But Urd pulled a thread on the string and they began falling to the ground and cluthing their hurt.

"Watch your tongue child," she hissed. "Or death will come just a bit earlier,"

"Fine," they said straightening themselves. "But the moment she wakes you inform me and only me, is that understood?"

"You maybe be powerful down where the mortals live child, but not here," Verdandi said.

They figure pulled down their hood but turned away to watch the galaxy, "There are none like me,"

And with that they jumped out the door and onto the branches of the tree. They climbed down and down hiding from the view of Ratatoskr.

The remaining Norns looked at each other and whispered. They were running out of time.

Without them, Yggdrasil may collapse. The future will not begin, the past will never happen and the present was never there.

It was all up to whatever being stood higher than them.

If there was one.

Back on Asgard

"Loki what do I need?" Y/n asked whining from her spot in the pile of clothes she had pulled out of the closet.

There were maybe a thousand dresses in that closet but she didn't seem to know what to bring.

"Nothing darling, whatever you need will be there and mother will send things if we need," he said from his spot on the balcony.

"Have you ever been to Vanaheim?" she asked getting up.

"A few times, but it feels like so long ago now," he said wistfully.

Y/n hummed and came to stand next to him. "What is it like?"

Loki thought for a few moments before looking up at her and answering, "Perfect," he smirked and added, "Like you."

The comment sparked a tinge of pink in her hair.

"Oh, I do love the effect I have on you darling,"

Y/n laughed and looked at him, her smile turning into a more serious expression.

"Loki, what are we?"

He froze and broke eye contact, "What are you talking about darling?"

She gently grabbed his chin and made her turn around, "You know what I'm talking about Loki,"

He still avoided meeting her eyes and she sighed, "In the library we almost...and you have to admit its been happening quite often,"

He stayed silent and picked his hand. Y/n looked back at the room defeated, "I just want you to know Loki that I-"

She broke off not knowing the right words.

But Loki said them for her, "Time,"

She looked at him confused, "What?"

He gulped and spoke still looking at his hands, "You need time Y/n. You need time to sort out your life, Newt, your family. Adding me and this...whatever this is to it will just stress you out. So..." he cautiously took her hands, it was as if he thought they would break if he handled it roughly, "I'm willing to give it to you," he met her eyes, "You can have all the time you need love. But just know that I will be waiting here. I will be waiting for you. I don't care if it takes a year or a century of a millennia. Even if I am just before the Gate of Valhalla. Know that I am here, and whenever you are ready say the word and I will come. And this whatever this is, can break free of these bonds wrapped around us and we can just be. You and me. For all time, always," he said gently.

Y/n just stared at him blankly not knowing how to respond. Loki simply smiled at her. As if she was the single most beautiful thing in the world. He bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

And left.

Just like that.

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