Chapter 9: One Jump Ahead.

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It has been 2 weeks since the thing with Loki and Nat has somehow convinced Shmaptain Shmerica not to let me go on any missions. That doesn't mean everything has been great though.

I can't go shopping as often as I want to as Stark only allows a shopping spree once every 4 months and on special occasions. Mainly because of his slowly breaking bank account. I haven't been introduced properly to the world yet, so I keep appearing on tabloids that say, 'Who is this mysterious new avenger' 'Is the Avenger's newest recruit single?'. My TikTok and Instagram followers have grown up which was good, but I was also spammed so many hate comments after I shot a video of Loki and I as cats playing on an Ipad.

Speaking of the devil, we've been becoming a little closer. Just a little. I can hear those smirking emojis from here readers! Yes I know who you are. A friend of mine jumped to my universe and explained you guys to me. I can see you (tilts head up to see readers).

You can thank SigynFan for that. As I was saying we became a bit closer. Our current prank score was 17 for me and 20 for Loki. The man takes every chance he has. We get left alone a lot when the others go on missions, so we bonded. We don't say much about our pasts, but I do know his dad stuffed up his entire life and his mum was the greatest person ever. I would consider him a pretty close friend.


I can hear Sam and Bucky's bets from here. I am currently coming down the elevator listening to airpods.

"Ooh, I love the taste, la-la-la-la-la. All on my tongue I want it, I-I feel like-!" I sing at the top of my lungs only to be stopped by the star-spangled fossil.

"Watch you language Frey!"

"Sorry grandpa! I like to say, 'What if,'" I start to continue singing when realisation hits me in the face.

"Oi! How do you know the lyrics?"

He turns bright red and stutters, "W-well due to the l-language spoken by your generation I thought,"

I raised an eyebrow at him as he sighed heavily.

"I was teaching Pietro how to drive, and he had the radio on,"

"And then?"

"I thought I'd learn more about the artist and their songs..."

I then screamed at the top of my lungs, "Steve is a Doja Cat Fan!"

I broke down laughing as he turned bright red, "I didn't say fan..."

"I never thought the grandpa would like that stuff. But hey you learn something new,"

I put my air pods back in only to hear another shout.


I look straight up at you guys.

"Well that's my que to run," I say as I change the song to One Jump Ahead from Aladdin.

I burst into a sprint down the corridor, up the stairs, sliding under Thor, jumping over Clint laying down like a starfish and stood up on the windowsill.

I then sing out loud,

"Better throw my hand in, wish me happy landin'

All I gotta do is jump!"

I then jump out of the window.

I love myself.

I hear the shouts and screams of the Avengers and wave Clint high through the glass. Nat smirks at my falling figure as she returns to wherever she was going to.

The song had already changed to Boyfriend by Dove Cameron and right as she sings the heaven made chorus, I turn into a dragon.

My sleek black scaly figure takes over as I clutch the phone tightly in my claws. Thankfully, my airpods stayed in as I flew back up to the landing pad on the roof. I calmly walk into the living room and see Loki fuming.

"What. Was. That!?"

"Stop worrying Loki I'm fi-"

"No! Not that! You swapped the sugar with the salt! Now my Earl Grey Tea tastes like bilgesnipe faeces!"

"And how do you know what that tastes like?"

He turned a bright shade of red and looked away.

"That wasn't the-" he started but was cut off by Thor.

"He lost a bet to me,"

I burst out laughing, nearly dropping my poor phone in the process.

"Thor you bloody oaf!" Loki yells plunging a dagger into his left shoulder.

"What was the bet Thor?" I manage to say.

"Loki bet that this girl called Amora would go to the Yule Dance with him. I bet she wouldn't, and I won," he spoke pulling out the dagger.

I couldn't help but feel bad for the greasy snake.

"Aw, why not?" I speak.

"Uh," Thor looks at Loki then back at me.

The God of Mischief takes a deep breath and speaks calmly, "She said she'd prefer to go with a man with actual good looks and wasn't a failure,"

My heart shattered at this. Who would say such a thing. To Loki moreover. I walked up to him and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

"If it helps, I would have gone with you. Mainly to embarrass you but still," I gave him a soft smile as he looked at me blankly.

His cheeks had gotten redder than before and I simply laughed at his flustered appearance.

"I should probably go see Cap to check that he hasn't gotten cardiac arrest from me jumping out of the window," I wave goodbye at them and leave.

Loki POV

"What on Asgard just happened to me?"

"Well brother Lady Y/n just walked up to you and-"

"I know what happened you fool, but why did I get so-? Why was it-?"

"HAHAHA! You my dear sweet brother have what the Midgardians call a crush," Thor said wiggling his eyebrows at me whilst wolfing down a Pop Tart.

"No I do not!"

"Yes you do, worry not brother! She is wonderous maiden I'm sure mother would love her,"

My face felt as hot as Muspellheim.

"See! Even your face is telling you so! But speaking of mother," he stopped talking and a silence fell onto us.

"Thor? What is this about mother?"

"Well not necessarily about mother but more like father-"

"Spit it out already!"

"Father wants us to returns to Asgard for a few days, he wants to talk to you about your time on Earth,"

Odin. That pathetic excuse of a father. I wouldn't be surprised if he asked me to reside in the dungeons during our time there.  Why wouldn't he let me have a single moment of peace. A clenched my fist. A million emotions swelled through my brain.

"When do we leave?" I asked.


I curtly nodded at my brother and left to my room.

"Hey Lokes! Did you wanna-?" Y/n walked up to me, but I simply brushed passed her.  I wasn't in the right mind to talk.


"What the hell just happened?"

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