Chapter 27: Late Night Talks

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Loki POV

The awkwardness from talking about Y/n's parents had settled down and now nothing but laughter came from our table. Her smile lit up the table as they chattered about things that never entered my ears.

Thor insisted on paying, even though he had no many to pay with, but Y/n did it in the end. For the first time in this outing, she seemed to have relax a bit. No weird safety issues or work so we could have our time together. We entered the Tower and found Lady Romanoff and Stark sitting in the room of living.

"Hey! How was the trip," the Black Widow asked.

"Wonderous thank you!" said mother. "But I do think it's time for us to head to bed,"

She gave Thor and I a look that she always gave us when we were younger.

Y/n and Romanoff laughed at our expressions whilst Stark simply stood up, "Well sadly we don't have any extra rooms cus reindeer games here took the last one but I'm sure someone will be willing to bunk with someone else,"

Y/n turned to mother and said, "You can take my room tonight Frigga,"

"Oh but darling where will you sleep?" she said worried.

"She'll sleep with me your majesty," said Romanoff.

"Alright great, now I gotta go downstairs and make sure nothing blew up and Bruce didn't drink my coffee, goodnight," Stark said already making his way to the elevator.

"I just gotta grab something then I'll make my way up to yours, Tasha," said Y/n.

"Sure thing volchonok," she said before making her way to the elevator.

"My room is right next to Loki's so if you need anything you can just tell him or FRIDAY," said Y/n.

"FRIDAY?" questioned my mother.

As we made our way up to our rooms Thor explained the talking walls to her. I walked a few paces behind them next to Y/n.

"Lady Y/n, I'd like to-" but I was interrupted by a certain bird.

"Has anyone seen Redwing? I can't find him anywhere!" the Falcon called to us.

Y/n visibly shrunk but Thor replied, "We have not seen the metal creature anywhere Son of Wil,"

"It's Wilson, Thor!" he yelled running through the corridors.

"Isn't that what I said?" my brother asked in confusion.

I rolled my eyes and Y/n and Mother laughed.

"What were you gonna say Lokes?" she asked.

"Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to thank you again for making this such a wonderous day for my mother and us,"

She smiled. Which made something in my stir. Focus.

"That's alright Loki, I quite enjoyed it too,"

I hesitated for a moment before asking, "Why did you do it?"


"Why did you volunteer, I mean Thor and I could have planned it but you quickly jumped forward,"

Her shoulder's tensed ever so slightly but she took in a breath and took, "I'm not going to bother lying to the God of Lies," I chuckled, "so to be honest, most of the things we did today were written in my journal,"


"Yeah, I've had it since I was at S.H.I.E.L.D, Natasha got it for me so I could write down important stuff or just anything. So one day I took out the journal and wrote don things I would've done with my mother,"

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