Chapter 7: Friends?

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'CAN I NOT HAVE ONE MOMENT OF PEACE?' I think to myself.

The smooth elegant voice asks again, "Y/n are you in here?"


"Will you come out please? I want to talk to you,"

I let out a small noise revealing my presence. He lets out a small sigh and sits down on the floor next to my bed. He then proceeds to lower his head down to see under it.  His brilliant greens eyes meet mine as he speaks,

"My, my what do we have here?"

I growl at him in annoyance as he raises his hands in defence, "I mean no harm dear Y/n. I just wanted to know why you rushed out of the feast room,"

I turned my head away from him. I don't want to talk about it...

"Tis fine if you don't wish to speak about it Lady Y/n,"

Stupid god, he's just like Nat. I look up to the readers and ask, "I have to tell him don't I?"

Wait, who was that I was talking to. I look straight back to where I was looking. What's that blurry figure?


I get startled and jump up bashing my head on the bed frame.

"It's not safe to be under there dear. I would come out if I were you,"

I rolled my eyes knowing he was right. I crept out of the darkness and sat in front of Loki keeping a good amount of distance between us. He stared at me looking at each of my features. From my eyes to my coat to my pointed ears. He finally broke the silence by saying,

"You are quite good at doing that,"

I looked at him in surprise. Did the God of Mischief just compliment me?

"Don't be so surprised, I can be nice when I want to," he scoffed.

I bowed my head down in sorry as he spoke up again, "Do you have any other powers? Besides shapeshifting and the hair colour changing,"

I shook my head.

"I see,"

He looked at me once more then raised his hand above my head. I instinctively jerked back. He looked at me once more with a bit more care in his eyes. I walked a bit closer towards Loki, and he moved his arm back up. With a swish of his fingers snowflakes appeared above my head. Who was this guy, Elsa?

I tried to get one on my tongue, but it instead landed on my nose. I let out a small sneeze and saw Loki chuckle at me.

I turned my head at him and looked at the snowflakes again. How was he doing this?

"That's a story for another time little one, maybe when you feel up to telling me yours I will tell you mine,"

I looked at him and nodded.

"We have a deal then,"

I grinned at him and went over to my living space. Loki trailed behind and took a good look at my books.

"You have quite a collection here,"

It was quite hard not being able to reply to himso I changed back.

"Yeah, Nat took me out to the mall to redecorate my room,"

He walked over to the Celtic knots I had painted on my shelves.

"They look like my father's symbols. Celtic knots are they not?"

"Yes, I painted them myself,"

"You seem to be quite the artist,"

He wondered of to my selection of books and read through each label.

"I don't suppose you have the third book of Magnus Chase?"

"I do, right... here!" I plucked it out of it's slot and passed it to him.

"Thank you," He took the book off my hand and used it to point at the shelves. "How do you order this?"

"It's ordered by genre and then from there by author in alphabetical order," I ranted.

"I see, if a may, would I be able to borrow this book of off you?"

"Uh sure, you can come in and grab anything you want. Just don't put any trick in them," I said grabbing something from my box of random stuff.

"Thank you Lady Y/n,"

I held my hand out for him to shake which he did. But I had a little surprise.

"AGH!" Loki said dropping the book after receiving an electric shock. "What on Hel was that!"

"It's a hand buzzer my friend, which means one more point for me," I said happily.

He finally regained his breathe and said, "You win this time Lady Y/n, but I'd be careful if I were you,"

He gave a playful glare. Damn he was tall (let's pretend he's taller than you cus I think it's really cute when this stuff happens). He was at least a foot taller than me. Barton always said I was too short.

"Well then, I shall see you afterwards Lady Y/n," he bowed down kissing my hand.



"Are we friends or enemies?"

"I'd be glad to have another friend in this pathetic tower," I smiled at him as he returned it.

He walked out the door and I was left in a blissful silence.

Loki Pov

Something felt different inside me. I was walking down the corridor from Y/n's room but I felt unusual. There was this warm feeling inside of me, unlike anything I have ever experienced.

"Look who was an idiot grin on his face," I looked up to see Barnes walking my way.

"I do not!"

"You do my friend, and I can tell you why,"

"Then enlighten me,"

"You have a crush on Y/n,"

"What is this crush? I do not want to break her bones, most of the time,"

"It's when you like someone,"

"Are you implying that I wish to court Lady Y/n,"

"Yes my friend, and I'm down for it,"

"You humans are ridiculous; I'd never want to court Lady Y/n!"

"Sure buddy, sure,"

Barnes looked at some direction and said, "You know what going to happen readers,"

"Sergeant Barnes, are you alright?"

"Yes dear Loki, yes I am,"

Humans are ever so odd.

I do not want to court Lady Y/n.

Do I?

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