Chapter 25: Conversation

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I had almost finished my Tetris level when Thor came running at the car like a lunatic. It was like a zombie movie. A man bashing at a glass window screaming to get inside and then another man dragging them down and biting his neck. In this case Loki was stabbing him.

I came out the car and hurried towards them. Loki had stabbed Thor on the shoulder and started threatening him with the most painful death imagined. I tore Loki off Thor and Frigga came running this way.

"Loki! We've talked about stabbing your brother," she said plucking out his dagger.

"If he weren't such a dim-witted fool then I wouldn't have done it," she took Loki's other dagger from his hand and made them disappear.

"No more daggers until I leave," she scolded.

Thor and I stifled a laugh which Loki glared at.

"But mother!" he whined.

"No in the car Loki," she grabbed him by the ear and dragged him into the car.

This time me and Thor burst out laughing and Loki shot up a quite vulgar gesture at us. Frigga came to Thor and healed his arm before the three of us got in the car as well.

"So where are we going now darling?" asked Frigga buckled up next to me.

"Well, it's almost time for lunch so we'll be going to Central Park for lunch,"

"Oh Lady Y/n, will we be going to Hiddleston's Arch?" asked Thor excitedly.

"Huddleston's Arch, Thor. And yes, we're going there then Shakespeare Park,"

We made it to the grounds, and I led the family to a spot near the arch where everything was set up. In a quite spot between the trees, fairy lights dangled down and illuminated their little picnic area. On a red and white blanket was a basket that held wine, grapes, pastries and cheeses and on the floor was an array of sandwiches, sausage rolls and pop tarts.

"POP TARTS!" Thor bellowed racing to the set-up.

Frigga and I laughed at him whilst Loki looked around the area.

"Did you do this Y/n?" he asked touching the fairy lights.

"I called a guy yesterday who called another dude who had a friend who could do cool as set-ups and I asked him to do it so, in a way yes," I said.

Loki simply nodded his head and sat down next to mother.

"Aren't you joining us Y/n?" Frigga asked.

'I wish, say yes,'

"No Frigga, I still have some work to do so I'll be over by that bench," I said pointing to the closest bench I could find.

"Oh why not Lady Y/n! You must eat," Thor said through a face full of Pop Tarts.

"Don't worry Thor I'll eat," I said before walking away.

I sat down on a little bench holding my hot dog I got from a nearby stand. I pulled up Netflix and began binge watching y/f/s (Your favourite show).

Yes, yes very important work.

Frigga POV

I watched as my eldest son stuffed his face with these so called Pop Tarts and my youngest sip small bits of wine from his cup. His eyes every now and then drifting to the y/h/c figure sitting on a nearby bench.

"You should go and talk to her min lille slange," I said to him, putting down my sandwich.

He turned to me with a neutral expression on his face.

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