Chapter 23: Parents?

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Y/n Pov

After going through many different aesthetics from cottage core to the 90s aesthetic, we finally landed on Light Academia. The AllMother, Queen of Asgard, Goddess of Marriage was now dressed in a white turtleneck, beige trench coat and brown pants. I gave her my watch some rings and a gold chain to complete the look. And may I say my styling abilities are out of this world.


If anyone can photoshop Rene Russo's head onto this you would literally be a life saver

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If anyone can photoshop Rene Russo's head onto this you would literally be a life saver.

I was currently making her hair into a half up half down look while she was looking through my eye shadow palette.

"There are so many beautiful colours," she said happily.

"One for every occasion Frigga,"

"We don't use this powder on Asgard,"


"We use petals from special flowers and place them on our lids. Then we add a little mixture on top and then we have a thick pigment that won't come off and will last for as long as we like,"

"If only we had that here," I said.

I mean seriously readers! No eyeshadow accidently rubbing off! That'd be insane! You guys agree with me, right?!

"Are you quite alright Lady Y/n?"

I hadn't notice I was staring up to my readers and quickly replied, "Yes Frigga just thinking a thought, and...dome,"

The Queen's hair was done, and she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh, darling I look marvellous! Thank you for lending me your clothing,"

"It was no problem, Frigga, now I think we should head out before your boys kill each other,"

"They probably have," I laughed at her statement.

Loki POV

"How long does it take to put some bloody clothes on," I grumbled.

Thor and I were currently sitting in front of Y/n's room waiting for mother and her to emerge. Yes my room was right next to hers but we were eager to leave the moment they came.

"I truly don't know brother," Thor said tiredly.

"Hurry up boys, if you want a day with Frigga, you better get up!" a voice said.

We shot up and saw Y/n standing next to my mother, and she was beautiful. Frigga! I speak of her, not Y/n. Not that she's ugly! No, of course not! She looked quite wonderful today actually.


I shook of Odin and walked to mother kissing her on her head.

"You look wonderous mother,"

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