Chapter 11: What goes on behind

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Kind of a short filler chapter. I know most of this book is just like normal life but in the next chapters things will not be as calm as they are now.



Blood dripped down the assassin's forehead as they were forcefully strapped down to his chair. Smell of vile liquids being mixed and infused together hit their noise as they slowly started to regain their conscience. The sounds a drill and buttons being pressed made their head turn to the direction it was coming from.

On the screen was a girl with y/h/c hair and y/e/c eyes. On her head was a pair of horns and on her back were sleek black wings. She looked to be in some sort of lab threatening a man. Stark. Suddenly, the assassin felt a harsh sting on their left cheek and was forced to face the other side. Their vision was blurry due to the blood trickling down into their eyes and their hands not being free to rub it off.

They could make out a face. A male, at least 6 feet tall with dark hair and grey eyes. The man dwned light skin and a black tuxedo. Yes, it was Blamore Snyder. Head of the BAP in Hydra.

"Inject him," he called.

A doctor nearby brought a black liquid in a needle and stabbed it into the assassin. They did not cry out in pain for they have felt it to many times. Like a nightmare that never went away. A burning sensation filled their body and their eyes rolled back.

Blamore then spoke, "You have a new mission soldier, that girl on the screen is your next target. Watch her, learn how she fights. When you know her well enough take her in the field and bring her to me alive. There is something different in her blood, alien even. I want her as soon as possible, is that understood?"

"Yes," they said darkly.

Blamore smirked before saying, "Hail Hydra,"

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