Chapter 35: Fault

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This is just a chapter to tell u guys im alive. Sorry its so short

"LOKI, Y/N!" Thor burst into the latter's bedroom to find his brother in a quiet intimate state.

The God of Mischief's face had completely turned red and Y/n's hair too. The pair quickly untangled from each other when Loki yelled at Thor.

"What is it you want you stupid oaf?!" he shouted.

Y/n simply sank into the corner trying not to smile at the moment the almost had and laugh at how pissed Loki was.

"I... it's nothing, don't worry about. You too can go back to what you were doing," he said grinning like an idiot.

"Well you're here now so," Y/n stood up and packed up the salve.

Thor raised his eyebrows up and down at Loki whilst trying to find a comfortable way to lean on the door. His brother was not pleased at all.

"What is you want Thor," Loki hissed.

His brother shook away his thoughts and turned to Y/n with a more serious expression. "We have located your attacker,"

Something clicked in Y/n. Like a dangerous animal waiting to attack. 'Assassin.' That wasn't what he was. He had no right to call him that. He had not a single damn right. The roaring in her ears got louder and louder and she felt as if her brain was on fire. This wasn't Newt's fault. It was...

"Don't call him that," the tips of her hair had turned red.

"I meant no offense Lady Y/n, forgive me," Thor said quickly bowing his head in apology.

Loki looked towards Y/n. Her emotional state was messed up, this was not the time for this sort of information.

"Talk to us about this tomorrow brother," he said, still staring at the Goddess of a woman.


"I said tomorrow, Thor," he looked towards the God of Thunder with a dangerous look in his eyes.

His brother sighed and bowed towards the two of them before leaving the room. Silence filled Y/n's bedroom and Loki looked over his shoulder to try and find her. She had gone out to her balcony and gripped the rails so tight her hands paled. He stalked up to her, slowly and quietly.


She didn't move at the sound of his voice. She didn't move as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you alright love?"

She turned towards him. Her eyes. Something shone in them that Loki had never seen before. Something hateful. Something dangerous.

"It wasn't his fault,"

"Darling I-"

"I was never. His. fault," she said punctuating each word.

Loki took a step back not wanting to aggravate her even further. "It wasn't yours either darling,"

The memory flashed before her.

'*beep* beep*'


'Let him go!'




"You weren't there," darkness filled her eyes and black wings formed on her back.

A dragon emerged in the place on Y/n and looked towards the dark skies ahead. It roared, screamed, in what seemed to be agony. Agony from a memory not so distance. From a dream that had become a nightmare.

She took of into the night, heart filled with rage at the brother she had lost, and the man everyone thought he was. Newt, who had loved and cared for her though many saw her as alien. The one who looked past the powers and saw the normal person underneath.

Her brain was fogged with thoughts, memories. She did not stop flying, did not see where she was going. Did not bother. Instead, she just kept soaring through the sky.

Loki simply stared at where Y/n had been then to the dragon in the sky.

'Where is she going,'

'Will she come back,'

'She might get hurt,'

With those thoughts in his head he raced back inside to find Stark.

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