Chapter 38: Family Tree

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Loki continued to hold Y/n's shaky body in his arms as the Bifrost lifted him closer to a place he had once called home. She sobbed, but the pain didn't leave. Loki didn't notice Heimdall run to towards them. He didn't notice the Warriors and Sif. He didn't even notice his own mother.

He only noticed the pain the girl had come to love was going through. And he could do nothing to stop it.

He couldn't do anything to cease her hurt, to cease her crying. To help her. Instead he could only watch her suffer.

"My son," his mother came and kneeled beside him, a hand on his shoulder.

"Please mother," his voice wobbled as tears came from his eyes. "Help her,"

She nodded her head and called upon the Warriors to bring the horses. With the help of the Guardian of the Bifrost they lifted her limp body onto a horse and galloped at lights speed.

But only the Queen could see the look on Heimdall's face. He looked towards Frigga in question and a simple nod was her answer as they galloped off to the city.


Y/n was rushed into the Healing Wing and the Warriors had to hold back Loki so he would stop raging at Eir to heal her. He was placed outside the door and a passing made threw a blanket over him. His leg bounced impatiently as he waited for someone to say something.

Her screams echoed through the corridor, so much so that it caught the attention of a certain King. Volstagg looked up as he heard the march of the Crimson Hawks, Odin's personal guards. He looked towards the others who then slowly backed away, and Loki, who did not even bother looking up.

"What is all this commotion?" Odin asked.

"Your highness there-" Hogun started.

"Silence," he said holding up a palm. He then slowly walked to Loki and place the tip of Gugnir under his chin, "Speak boy,"

His icy glare met Odin's. Loki's eye were red from crying but filled with anger.

"I do not answer to you, not anymore," he muttered.

"Speak louder child," Odin demanded.

"I DO NOT answer to you old man," he said punctuating 'do not.'

"Nothing happens on Asgard against my will, so I ask you. Who is in my palace?"

"Your servants," he smirked, and his cheek was met with the back of Odin's palm.

"You dare disrespect me!" he shouted.

Magic pooled around Loki's hands. The Avengers had wisely decided that his shackles come off when their search of Y/n had begun. And now he would put that power to good use.

He was ready to yell something back when Frigga opened the door. Lok's entire demeanour changed. Softening into one of worry and fear.

"Mother is she-?"

"She will be fine my dear. But her mind is fractured. Torn into so many pieces that even my magic couldn't fix them back together," Frigga went and placed a hand on his son's shoulder, "All she needs is time my dear, it is up to her to fix her mind. But for now I've taken the svart magi out of her,"

"Svart magi? How could a girl, a mere mortal come across power like that?" Odin said suddenly interested.

Loki laughed darkly, "You're so interested in power that can never be yours to wield,"

"And you're so interested in people that can never be yours," he spat, "that girl will grow old and die before you can even from a wrinkle on your brow. You will never be able to keep her,"

"Enough!" Frigga blasted her gold light towards all of them making them jump back.

For once her kind eyes were filled with anger as she looked to them.

"That poor child as been through so much and you two are fighting over stupid things," she scolded them to.

The two men looked down, embarrassed at what they had said and the fact it had happened in front of at least 20 people, not including the healers who were probably listening in that is.

"My Queen?" Eir appeared from behind a door and held up a parchment before the Queen. "It appears your theory was right,"

"What theory?" Sif asked.

Frigga finally smiled and looked up at her son. Slowly letting her hands hold his.

"Come my son,"

The Queen made Loki, Odin, the Warriors 3, Eir, and Sif follow her to the Royal Library. She bowed her head in thanks as the Einherjar opened the doors.

"Tell me my children what do you know of Vanaheim?" she asked the group.

"My home has been prosperous for as long as Asgard. The gods who lived their no being referred to as the Old Gods," said Hogun.

"It was your home," Loki said.

"Yes children, no what to do you know of the Royal Family?"

"They all got depressed after not getting Kvasir's mead?" asked Fandral.

The others laughed whilst Loki rolled his eyes.

"Quite the contrary actually," she stopped at a table and looked through the books she had stacked on their previously. "Njord bore two beautiful children of the sun, Frey, and Freyja. One god of peace and sunshine the other that of love,"

She finally found her book and flipped its pages, "The latter ironically never found a love who stayed but the former, well he was more tragic,"

She stopped at a page showing the family tree. From Njord to his marriage with Skadi to Frey and Freyja's births. And after that, nothing. But there was another line, stretching from Njord to- to Frigga.

"Queen Mother is that?" asked Sif bewildered.

"Yes child. Njord was my Godfather. He and my father were the closest of friends. Frey and I turning to be the same," she said nostalgically, "But after my marriage," a glance at Odin, "we didn't talk like we used to do. But he always trusted me,"

"Why do tell us this mother?" said Loki clearly not seeing the point.

Frigga looked to her son, "For although we were world's apart he would still never hesitate to speak to me when things went downhill. Things like the hunting of his family. The lose of his lover. The birth of his child,"

Loki's face blanked and he looked his mother in her eyes.


She nodded, "Y/n is the daughter of Frey God of Peace and Sunshine,"

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