Chapter 24: Trick

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Loki POV

Y/n set a tour guide up for us and sat on benches and things near every exhibition we went to. She obviously wanted to give us some family time but there was something else. I narrowed my eyes at her small figure, tapping away at the computer she had brought with her.

"Look at this giant skeleton Loki," mother said tugging my arms.

I gazed up and indeed saw a frame of a gigantic creature.

"This mighty creature couldn't stand the wraith of Mjolnir!" Thor yelled.

"Tyrannosaurus rex," I read. "Hideous,"

"Oh but isn't it at least a bit interesting darling?"

"No mother, I don't even understand why we're here. Why you're here," I said looking down at her.

She had an innocent smile on her face as she said, "Are you saying you don't want me here?"

I rolled my eyes mother, "I know you too well mother. You're here for a reason,"

"Well, whatever this reason is, you should forget about it so we can go to the insect section. I've always wanted to see the flies of butter," she said smiling.

She pulled me towards the section Thor was jumping up and down in and I took one last glance at Y/n. She was sitting in the same spot and not looking up from her computer.

"Why don't you go get Y/n darling," mother said grinning.

I straightened my suit jacket and replied, "No she's obviously doing something busy,"

"Oh come on darling,"


So, this is why she's here.

"You'll have to find a different way to get me to be with Y/n mother," I said walking off to my ecstatic brother.

Third Person POV

"Look how colourful that one is brother!" Thor yelled pointing at a butterfly.

"You're going to make my ears bleed fool," Loki seethed.

"Oh, calm down children," Frigga said settling them.

"Sorry mother," they replied in unison looking down.

The three looked around the exhibit for a bit, exploring all the different bugs Midgard had to offer, before moving on to their next exhibit, the Hope Diamond. The blue stone shimmered in the light as tourists came swarming around the priceless the stone.

"Look at that beautiful necklace," said Frigga.

"Worthy of a queen like you mother! Come, let me get it for you,"


I was almost on my highest score in Flappy Bird when a siren rang out through the museum.

"Crap," I shut my computer slid it into my chic laptop bag before bolting to the bugs room.

People were going haywire and yelling about the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond...

I ran into the room it was in and found Thor closing its glass, Frigga holding his arm and Loki pretending he didn't know them. Officers swarmed in and circled Thor and Frigga, so I stepped in.

"Officers I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience but my friend isn't from America, and he thought the diamond could be touched,"

"A likely story ma'am but we must apprehend this man,"

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