Chapter 32: Dinner

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Y/n woke as the sun kissed her skin. The streets of New York were already flooded with cars at 8:00 in the morning. She sighed to herself and rose out of bed. Throwing on a simple hoodie and shorts she switched into a little deer and went downstairs.

"Heya Squirt how was the mission?" asked Steve as he attempted to use the coffee machine.

Y/n internally chuckled and transformed into her normal body. Brown fur coat switching to soft brown jumper.

"Not bad Rogers," she said pressing the button so that coffee came out.

America sighed and looked up, "I was close this time,"

"You say that every time," Y/n shook her head chuckling.

The team were sitting at the dining table and eating their breakfast. The only open spot, not including Steve's, was next to Loki.

He looked up at Y/n smirking and gestured to the seat next to him. The shapeshifter rolled her eyes and sat next to the traitor.

"Good morning my dear," his smooth velvety voice purred.

She didn't acknowledge him and instead went for the Orange Juice.

He faked a pout, "Is someone mad?"

"I can't believe you left me with Nat!" she angrily whispered.

"Oh, but you love Lady Romanoff," he said brining his fork up to his soft lips.

"Yeah, but not when she's grilling me on something we didn't do," she angrily wolfed down her pancake.

"And what was that something my dear?" a smirk plastered his face has he watched her.

"You know what it is Odinson," she said staring him down.

"A confirmation never hurt anyone did it now," she grinned and brought his tea up to his lips. "So tell me darling what is it that we didn't do?"

Pink rose up her hair as she imagined what Natasha would have thought. Loki simply sat their smirking at her, waiting for an answer.

"All right team! Week's report,"

For once in Y/n's Avenger Tower life, she was thankfully Tony made them do that.

After the boring weeks report that you probably didn't want to hear

Y/n jetted out of the room as soon as Tony said the meeting was over. A gruelling hour of boring things was enough for her. She went straight up to her room and put on her training gear. Grabbing her y/f/c headphones she went outside her room only to be stopped by a serpent.

"Hello darling," the black-haired god smirked.

"Goodbye darling," she said mocking his tone. She walked towards the elevator and tried to shut the doors. But sadly, a pale hand stopped them from doing so. The god enter the moving metal box and grinned at Y/n.

"For the love of gods,"

"I'm right here darling," he said looking at her small figure.

"What do you want Loki?" she asked looking at him tiredly.

"Can't a friend just talk to a friend?" he asked.

"Yes, but its clear you want something," she said exiting the elevator to the training floor.

Before she could reach the door and cold hand grabbed her wrist and spun her around. Her body came in connect with Loki's lean figure. Pressed together exactly like they were the night before.

"You were right darling I do want something," he said softly.

Y/n's breathe hitched as she looked up at his green-blue eyes. "What is it?"

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