Chapter 6: Ew People

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Finally peace, I thought as I flopped down on my bed. Bags surrounded me and as I took a moment to catch my breathe.

"Well I best get started," I said out loud.

I started off by putting my clothes away. The closet now looked like something from Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. From dresses to oversized jumpers. It went on and on. Next was...everything else. I couldn't put away my trinkets now, I placed an order for the shelves and things but they had to arrive. I guess I could ju-

I was cut off by a knock at the door.

"Come in!"

In came Thor carrying five boxes and Steve with another 5.

"Heard you did some extra shopping," Steve said placing them down.

"Yeah, Nat is quite the shopper!"

"Would you like some help putting them together Lady Y/n?"

"I'll be ok Thor, thanks for bringing them up,"

He gave me a big goofy grin and left with Steve. I started building all my new pieces of furniture from the new couch to the fireplace outside. It started feeling a bit more like a home. Not that I had a proper one to begin with anyways. I put the books in order of their genres and from there in alphabetical in order of their authors last names.


I put away the other knick-knacks on shelves and other small spaces. I had a picture of me with Nat and Clint from when I was a young girl on a frame next to my bed. I looked around my newly furnished room. Something was missing. There was a blank space next my poster of f/s (favourite singer or band). It needed some art. I took some paint and brushes out of my box and drew an outline of a wolf. Now it needed some colour. A little bit of pink, blue and grey for the wolf.

It was nice

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It was nice. But the room needs more. I went to the sides of the bookshelves and painted an intricate Celtic Knot in gold and added the same designs onto pot plants. Now for the front door. I painted the head of a wolf, dragon, snake, and raven surrounded my name in calligraphy.

Overall the entire process took until dinner, and I was finally finished with my room. The pictures looked more than perfect.

"Hey kid come-" Clint jumped down from the vents. He stopped as he looked at the room. "Damn Y/n, I need to ask you for advice on my room,"

I laughed and said, "I'll be here when you need me Clint,"

"Well come on, I want dinner," he said.

"Ew, people,"

"I thought you liked them!"

"Liking and not caring are 2 different things Clint," I said as he climbed up the vents.

"Fine, wanna come up with me?"

"Sure," I grabbed his hand as he pulled me up.

"Hey, I wanna scare the crap out of Tony, turn into a tiger for me would ya?"

"Why not?"

I slowly morphed into a beautiful tiger and crept through the vents with Clint. As we got towards the dining room I let out a low growl.

"Is that your stomach Wilson?"

"Shut up Stark!"

"Jump down behind Tony and let out a loud roar," he said.

I nodded my head and did as he said.



His face had paled and resembled the scream painting. I turned back into myself and Clint fell down and laughed like a mad man.

"Oh my god! Tony you looked like an idiot!" he said between his laughs.

"And I was starting to like you Y/n!"

"The feeling isn't really mutual Tones"

"Great now we've got another anit-social emo," he retorted.

I rolled my eyes at him and sat next to Nat.

"At least try to act like you like them," she said.

"Easy for you to say,"

"Alright team, now that we've assessed Y/n's abilities, we'll probably be able to go on a mission soon," said Steve.

No, not a team mission. Not again.

"Um, you haven't tested my fighting skills yet!"

"Yeah but you are a SHIELD agent, so I thought-"

"Just because I'm a SHIELD agent doesn't mean I've faced the same threat you guys have. The biggest adventure I've had was swimming to the bottom of the Marina Trench and stopping the Megalodon from reaching the surface,"


"What is this a Megagagon?" asked Thor.

"A Megalodon is a big shark that supposedly went extinct 3.6 million years ago," said Vision.

"Until now," said Nat.

"Hey kid how much do I have to pay you to turn into a Megalodon in Barnes' bathtub? Kid?" asked Tony finally looking up from his phone.

"Where is Lady Y/n?" asked Thor through a mouth stuffed with Lasagne.

"I'll go get her," Nat said getting out of here street.

I on the other hand was hiding under my bed as an artic fox trying to stay away from the others at all costs. Every time I think about it, the thought keeps coming back. Newt...


"Y/n you have to go!"

"No Newt I'm not leaving you I can't," tears flooded my eyes. I couldn't breathe.

My hands were drenched in blood as a clutched him tighter.

"Hey shhh, I'm going to be ok,"

"No no please don't go,I should never have told you,"

"Hey! Shhh don't cry, I'm happy I met you. I'm happy that you're my partner. I'm happy I got to call you sister," his as fluttered close as I held him tighter.



"Y/n you in here?"

I hadn't noticed Nat had come in here. I dried my eyes off with my paws before going more into the shadows.

"Please come out of the bed Y/n,"

I still didn't comply.

She let out a sigh and said, "You don't have to go on the first few missions if you don't want to Y/n. I haven't told them about the incident, and I won't until your ready. Are you going to come out?"

I was grateful to have Nat by my side but right now I needed to be alone.

"Okay, I'll save you some Lasagne," she closed the door behind her, and the room was left in silence. Until someone else opened the door.


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