Chapter 37: Care

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A loud command rung through my ears so I opened my eyes. The smell of old blood and fire reached my nose as I blinked away the blurriness. The room was dim, light only by a single light over my head. My body felt stiff as aboard, as if I had been asleep for days. No, that couldn't be.

I pulled my hands, telling them to show me my watch. But I couldn't. I tried to looked down as much as I could but was restricted by a metal collar around my neck. And shackles around my arms and legs.


"Good to see you awake Miss Frey,"

I looked up to see the source of the voice. A man, with grey eyes filled with death. A smirk was plastered on his face as he assessed me head to toe, at last landing on my hands.

"Such power coming from a small little orphan girl," he said after a while. He walked to the back of the room away from my line of sight. "Have you ever wondered Miss Y/n," I heard the sound of something being stretched, "How on Earth that came to be,"

Glass clinked in the background and liquid swished, "Have you ever wondered just how you out of all people got these powers. Or why you have them,"

I kept my mouth shut. Not wanting to answer these ridiculous questions. First class of S.H.I.E.L.D 101, they will always try get into your head.

"Yes I am trying to get inside your head Miss Y/n," I froze. "And I know you will not be answering any of my questions,"

I heard footsteps until he was standing right in front of me. He leaned over and stared me right in the eyes with a hand right next to my head.

"But you can't tell me you've never thought of this," he whispered.

As much as I didn't want to, I thought. Yes, for many years I questioned the origin of my powers and their existence. For many years I wondered, why do I have these powers.

'Probably because you're the main character of this book...'

'What? Was that you Sig?'

The voice went quiet, and I snapped back into reality. Snapped back to see the sharp needle in the man's hand, filled to the brim with a dark oozing liquid. The same colour as his veins, that night, in the bunker.

"Crap," I whispered.

"I take our remember this liquid," He took a small cloth and dabbed it with a different liquid, "It was the same one given to your friend that night, in Milford."

'Milford? Is that where I am now?'

"In case your wondering you are not in Milford," he brought the cloth near the pit of my elbow, I tried to move but the chains held me down tight. He let out a dark laugh and cleaned the spot, "No you're some where far away, somewhere where your poor excuse of friends will never find you," he examined the needle, "Where no one will ever find you," he smirked, "Would the ever bother looking? They don't seem to be doing a good job now are they, I mean its already been a week,"

'A week? No, that can't be...'

"Oh but yes it is my dear," my eyes snapped towards him and he brought the needle right to the place he had cleaned, "The Avengers couldn't even bother looking for you," he leaned down so close to me that I felt his breath at the crook of my neck, "But we will make good use of you,"

He plunged the needle in, and that's when the screaming started.

I thrashed and screamed in my chair, trying to break free, but my body felt weak. My blood burned, as if something was tearing each vessel apart bit by bit. I tried shifting, into a snake, rat a bloody beetle, anything small enough to slip out of these chains. But nothing worked, it encompassed me. Tried to push me away as if I were nothing, tried to take control of my body.

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