Chapter 10: I'm here

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The sound of my pen clicking is what filled the room. That and Cap's voice. I was currently sitting in the meeting room listening to him speak about Hydra and their shenanigans. Nat told me to come as well because the organisation has something to do with Newt. I would do anything to get Newt back, but I can't do anything for him now. Except avenge him. I wasn't going on a proper mission soon, but I just wanted to know the details. Only, I couldn't focus, my mind kept drifting off to Loki. He hadn't spoken to me at all and wasn't in the meeting. If I don't see him at dinner I'm going to use the vents to get into his room.

Like a normal person.

"Now the main project that they are working on right now is recreating super soldier serum," Steve said.

"Have there been any successful trails?" I asked.

"No, but we do now a few years ago there was a particular trial in which the subject turned into a ghoul like creature,"

"Ghoul?" said Nat.

"Ghoul," Steve replied.

"When was this?" Bruce asked.

"Well it's 2016, so somewhere in 2011,"

I froze. 5 years ago, a ghoul like creature. Newt...

"Alright Pietro your turn to cook meeting dismissed,"

Everyone started leaving the room, but I caught up to the star-spangled man.

"Hey Steve! Can we talk?"

"Go ahead Frey," he said as we continued walking.

"So you said the few years ago there was a test subject who turned into a ghoul like creature,"


"Does this person happen to be a male and still alive," I spoke fast.

Steve stopped walking causing me to bump into his back.

"You know him?" He said turned around.

"I think so. But I don't want to talk about it, is he alive or not?"

He let out a sigh and put an arm on my shoulder, "Look Y/n. I don't know if he's alive or not and I don't want to pressure you to tell me anything. But if you do know stuff about this man then we could really use your help,"

I didn't speak for a minute before finally looking into his eyes, "Newt,"


"His name is Newt, Newt Lucian Harding. And yes, I'll help on the field,"

He chuckled and smiled, "Thanks Y/n, and don't worry about the fighting part of you test," he started to walk away.

"Why not?" I spoke.

"Nat showed me some of your old training videos!" He yelled.

"SHE WHAT?!" I screamed.

This day could not get any worse.

Never mind it did get worse.

Dinner had gone by with Pietro's awful attempt to make Pasta Bake. He put just plain sauce at the bottom making the entire thing hard to cut properly. How could this get worse you may ask? Loki did not show up. Thor did but he was usually quiet so after dinner I went straight into Loki's room with a box of cookies to bribe him out.

I knocked the door three times before doing my best old lady voice, "Come out little boy I have some cookies for you,"

No answer.

I heard shuffling in the room so I knew he was in there but there was still no reply. Guess it's time for Plan B. I went to the nearest vent and climbed into it. I pulled up the map Clint gave me of the system and followed it right above Loki's room. I saw him sitting inside and planned my dramatic entrance.

Loki POV
As I was sitting there questioning my existence I heard someone knocking at the door.

"Come out little boy I have some cookies for you," I heard a screechy voice say.

I knew it could be none other than Y/n as there was no one else who could pull off such a terrible accent. I moved up to open the door but stopped. I could scream at her. My current mood wasn't a safe one. Damn Odin. Damn Asgard. Damn Tha-.

A pain shoots through my head. No. His name should not be spoken or thought of. He's going to kill me. I stumble onto my breath and try to take control of my breathing.

You are worthless *whip*

Pathetic god of nothingness *whip*

Your family never loved you *whip*

Your nothing but a monster *whip*

No one is going to come for you *whip*

n, out, in, out-.

"Did somebody say MENULOG?!" says Y/n crashing down from my vent and landing in Romanoff's hero pose.

I let out a shriek before calming down and putting a hand over my heart.

"Y/n! You fool, you scared me!" I yelled at her.

"Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you Lokes, you didn't open the door and were brooding so I thought - Hey you ok? You're crying," she said pointing at the tears that were smeared on my cheeks.

Tears... I hadn't noticed that they had fallen from my eyes as I was trying to get a hold of my breath and drowned with memories. I quickly put an illusion up covering them so she couldn't see.

"Tears? What tears? I think you might have hit your head a bit too hard Y/n,"

She placed the cookies on the bed next to me and held my face in her hands.

"I'm here, please don't go," she said softly.

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