Chapter 12: Goatee

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Y/n listened as a tear drenched Loki told her about what had happened. He looked scared. Broken. Like a fragile statue about to fall and crumble to pieces.

He was terrified of going back to see his father. He missed Asgard dearly but was frightened to meet him again. Loki said he felt homesick whilst being here and although Thor told him he could take him back for a few days. He was scared of his father. He didn't want to be locked in the dungeons again. He didn't want to be so near his mother but forced never to see her. Y/n desperately wanted to go with Loki to protect him from his dumb excuse of a father.

He bit into his cookie as Y/n side hugged him. He shouldn't be alone when he was like this. Thor gently tapped on the door outside saying that it was time to go. Loki's eyes were painted with fear. He didn't want to go. He couldn't.

Y/n looked around his room. He wants to be in Asgard but not near his father. He did say he was homesick. She knew something had to be done. She held Loki's hands in hers and gently got him to stand. She rubbed his tear stained eyes and gave him the cookie box.

"I think you should take this with you for the road, or bridge, or rainbow whatever," she said.

Loki let out a gently chuckle before using his magic to tidy his hair and fox the redness of his eyes.

"I know you don't want to go Loki, but I promise. When you come back, everything is going to be okay,"

Loki couldn't help but hug the girl in front of him. He felt comforted by her presence, safer almost.

"Loki are you alright?" Thor called from outside.

"Coming Brother!" He called.

He said goodbyes to Y/n and left. The moment he shut the door she flew into the vents in the form of a raven and sped down the maze. She flew up and down then left and right until she finally made it to Tony's lab.

"TonyIneedtogoshoppingforLokibecausehe'sasaiddeppressedgodandIwanthimtobehappy," she said at an abnormal speed to Tony.

"No can-do kid,"

She. Was. Flabbergasted.

"What do you mean no can-do?!"

"It means I'm not letting you spend my money because it hasn't been four months," he said sipping his liquor.

"But it's for Loki!"

"Yeah, hell to the absolute no," he said turning away.

Anger filled her body. Horns sprouted on her head and sleek black wings on her back. She knew she had to control her anger. But no one says that to Loki.

She spun Stark around as he shrieked at her figure. He dropped his liquor and held his hands up in defence.

"Give me your damn credit card Stark or I swear I'll burn your goatee off!" I screeched in a demented voice.

"Ok ok! Please not the goatee it took too long to grow!"

He fiddled with his pocket and gave her the card. She snatched it out of his hands and strutted out of the room.

"Thank sweet baby Jesus," he said in relief clutching onto his goatee.

Bruce walked into the room to see Tony on the floor clutching his chin.

"Tony are you alright?!" he said rushing beside him.

"Yeah I'm good! Just remind me this Brucey, that next time something happens. I should not say no to Y/n," he said.

Bruce looked at the man confused before brushing it off and walking away.

"She was going to burn of my goatee!"

I just wanna take a moment to acknowledge one of my favourites writers on Wattpad named Bubblehouse1 I love her so much and her book Sorcery was absolute perfection. That book was probably why I wanted to write my own so much bc she made people happy and made me meet my beautiful friends vegemite-n-weetbix and CaptainMetalArm (You can ask her all about) and I wanted to do the same with other people.

Go see their books and have a wobderful day guys. :) (wonderful is boring wobderful forever)

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