Chapter 40: Goddess

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"Darling?" Loki asked tentatively. Y/n had just been moved to a room right next to his that had been used to house visitors but now has been officially declared as her room. As he was trying to make everything look neater, he heard shuffling coming from the bed. "My dear, are you awake?"

"L-Loki?" her voice was hoarse from the screaming hours ago.

The god dashed to the bed and fell to his knees. His cold hand touched the side of her face. He let out a strangled laugh when he saw her smile.

"A-are you ok? How do you feel? Would you like me to fetch anything? Water? Food? Another pillow? How are the blinds? Is it to bright? Does your head hurt? Because if so Eir told me to-" Loki's rants were silenced by Y/n's shaky finger.

"I'm ok Loki, I promise," she said gently.

She pushes herself up but her elbows couldn't stand the weight. Loki quickly caught her and sat her up. Y/n touched the temple of her head and rubbed it.

"Does it hurt?"

"N-o, I mean. I don't know everything is so weird, I can't," she covers her eyes and tries to take a deep breath.

"Hey, shh darling," Loki wraps his arms around her and places his fingers on her temple, his fingers glowed green, and the magic sent a peaceful wave through her head. "How does that feel?"

She let out a satisfied hum and melted into his arms, "Much better,"

That was when, things began to clear. She started to feel more aware of her surroundings and looked around.

"Loki where are we?" she said, eyes darting around.

"About that darling," he pulled away and gently held her hands, "We're in Asgard,"

She froze. Eyes wide mouth slightly open.

"Darling? Are you okay? What's wrong is it your head," he waved in front of her face and whistled.

She shot up out of the bed and dashed to the balcony, pulling away the curtains. Outside was one of the most beautiful places she had ever set eyes on. The city looked as though it had been sculpted by Gods. Which it probably was. The golden house glistened in the morning light making the place look like a sun lighting the way for people to find their way back.

"I-I'm in Asgard," she said after taking it all in.

Loki crept up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Yes darling, Welcome to Asgard,"

She took a moment to take in a deep breath but the dizziness from standing up too quickly.

"Crap," she slowly crumbled to the floor but Loki caught.

"Whoa! Lets get you back in bed my darling," he swept her off her feet and carried her inside.

He gently placed her on the soft mattress and sat next to her. On the table was a Asgardian healing tea that he passed to her and Y/n drank without hesitation. She laid her head on his shoulder and let out a sigh.

"How long?" she asked tentatively.

"Not long now that I think of it not nearly as much as you need. So, we should continue this-"

"No Loki we finish this now," she said putting the teacup down. "Spill it,"

"What the tea?"

"Yes the tea Loki,"

"But you just drank it,"

"No not that tea Loki," she said rolling her eyes, "Your hiding something,"

"What no I'm-"

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