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The next day Y/n had lunch with the guys and stole a couple glances at Loki. She noticed mischief dancing around his eyes and knew he was up to something.

After their wonderful Pelmeni made by Nat, she went to the living room to see Pietro making a TikTok.

"Hello Y/n! You wanna join me?"

"Sure, what TikTok are you doing?"

"My money don't jiggle jiggle,"

It had been so long since she had touched her social media and had so much fun doing so. He wanted to tag her so she ran up to her room to grab her phone. But as soon as she entered...


"Two to zero darling," he spoke smoothly exiting his room.

Her entire room had been flipped upside down!

Her bed was on the ceiling and the vent was on floor.

"What's going on Y/n- OH MY GOD!" Clint yelled.

He came through the vent which was now on the floor.

"What the hell?! Last time I checked vents were on the roof,"

"Shut up Clint and grab me a bucket of glue,"


Her eyes and hair turned red as tiny horns sprouted on her head.

"Ok! Ok! Don't go dragon on me," he spoke going back up - or in this case down the vents.

She turned a heel and asked FRIDAY to call up Pietro.

"What do you need printsessa?"


He rose a brow.

"Now," her horns had nearly grown full size and her voice got distorted.

"Woah, ok, give me a sec,"

He ran down the stairs and came back with a bucket of feathers. Then in a minute, Clint came down from the ceiling holding another bucket filled with glue.

"Lets get to work boys,"

And it was finally set.

Y/n and placed the bucket over the door and they snuck into Loki's room through the vents.

Now, they were sitting calmly at his bed waiting to through feathers at him.

This was going to be amazing.

After what seemed to be two hours, they heard footsteps outside Loki's door.

"Ok boys, get ready with the feathers," she whispered.

In a minute, the door opened to reveal a confused Loki.

"What is the mea-?"

He was stopped by a bucket of glue pouring onto his greasy hair.

They didn't wait a moment to throw the feathers on as well.

"TWO TO ONE ROCK OF AGES!" Y/n screamed.


"Lets go printsessa!" Pietro scooped her up as Clint jumped into the vents.

In a split second they were down in the living room.

"That was amazing!" Y/n said spreading her arms out.

Pietro placed here on the couch and sat next to her.

"Yes it was,"

"What are you two up to?" spoke Wanda coming from the kitchen.

"Nothing," they said in unison.

"Don't make me look into your mind,"

"Ok ok, we may or may not have poured glue onto Loki and through feathers onto him,"


"Yeah ok, we DID do that. But I have a reason,"

"Let's hope that reason is good enough for him not to kill you,"


"And that's my que to leave," Y/n said turning into a ferret and scrambling off.

"Where on Asgard is that woman?!" Loki said angrily strutting into the room.

He had magicked the mess off of him but there were still some feathers stuck onto him.

"Well technically she's not a woman right now," replied Pietro.

"What are you talking about fast child?"

"Actually me and Pietro have a lunch date with Vis, good day to you Mr Odinson," said Wanda politely. She grabbed Pietro and walked out of the room.

"Robots don't eat," Loki thought to himself. He shook it off and went around to try and find that dreadful not a woman.

Loki POV

I went on nearly every floor in the tower looking for Y/n.

She truly knew how to hide. I had just came back from peacefully stabbing my brother and then a bucket of glue fell on my head. Honestly, can't I have one moment of peace?

I gave up and went back up to my room. I pushed my door open, making sure not to step in straight away. Thankfully there wasn't a bucket of what-not waiting for me. But there was a white furry creature laying on my couch.

It was around the size of my forearm and and a tail. It was curled up against my cushion and had its eyes closed.

I slowly walked up to it trying my best not to scare it. It's eyes fluttered open and there were y/e/c in colour. I knew those eyes...


It made a weird squeaking noise and got up.

"What on Asgard?"

But before I could question what she was doing in my room, she scurried off. There was no point in following her so I just flopped down onto my bed.

Why did Odin bring me here? 


Why did mother agree?


I barely did anything!



I went to the bathroom still scratching and saw my skin was a bit red.

Still scratching I looked around the room to find the source.

The term 'Itching powder' was printed on a package in my bin.

Two to two Y/n Frey.

Watch out.

So sorry for the short chapter. I hope y'all can forgive me. Also sorry for not updating sorceress of asgard. I'm currently having some writers block but will get to it.

Hope yall like the meme

Lots of Love


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