Chapter 28: Daughter

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Third Person POV

The time was around 8:30am as Nat shook Y/n's sleeping body awake. The shapeshifter was currently dangling off the assassin's bed, worn out from the activities the day before. 

"Come one Y/n! You have to get up!" she half yelled.

"No. I, sleep," she mumbled into her blanket.

Nat sighed before disappearing into the bathroom. Y/n sighed contentedly thinking she got to sleep in peace. But the jug of water said the opposite. Cold water was splashed on her face and in panic she fell of the bed and became a cross of a deer, wolf and a bat.

 Y/n's drenched figure panted heavily trying to process what had just happened. She then looked up and death-glared Nat.

"You'll thank me later," she said putting her hands on her hips.

She cast Nat a confused glanced which the latter chuckled at.

"You know Frigga is leaving right?" 

The green eyes of Y/n's unusual form had widened in realisation. Quickly she dashed to the album and took it between her teeth before bolting out the door.

"Your welcome!" yelled Nat from inside her room.


'CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!'  I screamed in my head as I ran up the stairs not wasting  time on the elevator. 

Why did I have to have such an amazing dream on the day where I needed to be up early? I swear author if you don't give me another dream of Bruce and Tony in a tutu I'm gonna-

My threat towards the mystery author was halted by a Wanda still in her PJs. 

"One, it's to early in the morning for death threats and to be screaming in your mind," she said putting up a finger.

Crap I forgot about her mindreading power.

"And second," she pointed to up. "Their saying goodbye to her now,"

I wagged my tail and flapped my wings in thanks and rushed back to the stairs.

"YOU'RE MAKING THE FLOOR WET!" she yelled. But I was too busy to heed her warning. 

Loki POV

I enveloped my mother in a tight hug as she kissed my temple. Her time with us on Midgard had sadly ended but the memories we made were joyous. She pulled away and looked me straight in the eye.

"Don't let Odin decide your future. You should be the one to write it," I looked down to my feet but she lifted my chin. "It would be ironic for the God of Stories to not be able to write his own,"

I broke into a small smile and she went to hug Thor.

"Look after your brother for me," she said.

I scoffed.

"I don't need a babysitter," I said.

"Yes mother," Thor said pecking her on her forehead, Frigga completely ignoring my comment. 

"Well I best be off, sad I couldn't see Y/n though," mother said walking further away from us. "Goodbye my sons, Heimdall if you-"

But mother was cut of my a voice from the door.


Y/n came running through the door waving a book in her hands. Her sleeping clothes were completely drenched and she was panting heavily. She stood a few paces before us bending over to catch her breath. Once oxygen filled her mortal lungs again she looked up at us and held the book in the air.

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