Chapter 43: Who are you?

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Hi guys 🙂


To say I was stuffed would be an understatement. The proper term would be "fullstuffedheavenoffoodabouttogointoafoodcomarnasgardiswonderful." Ha! Someone count the letters please.

I was currently being dragged through the halls and shown every single room of the palace. The room with the depiction of Yggdrasil was by far the prettiest and Loki's favourite room was the Royal Library.

He was now reluctantly following me as I was being dragged off by Volstagg to the training areas.

"Come Lady Y/n, this next place is by far the best place in the palace,"

Loki simply rolled his eyes as I laughed. Grand pillars held up the roof and the view beyond was spectacular. Giant waterfalls and high mountains as far as the eye could see. Warriors trained with swords, bows, and other magical weapons I had never seen before.

"Wow," I muttered. "This place is beautiful,"

"See, I told you! Come along, you can watch us fight Lady Y/n,"

"May Bor save us all," Loki sighed.

We followed Volstagg to a little arena and headed towards the side bench. The Warriors 3 and Sif went to choose their weapons while Loki and I sat down. I watched as Sif and Fandral tried to claw each other's eyes out for a particular sword when I felt a cold hand slipped into mine, drawing little circles in my palm.

"Are you feeling sick? Light headed? Maybe a glass of water?" my mother hen asked.

I chuckled, "Loki, I'm fine. Promise! You don't have to worry about me,"

"Yes Loki, leave your maiden for a few moments and come have a go at the rink. I'll keep Lady Y/n some company," Fandral said chucking Sif his sword.

"As lovely as that offer seems, I'm going to have to pass," he said inching just a little bit closer to me making me smile.

"Loki come on, go have fun!"

"I'll keep Lady Y/n company," Sif said chucking the sword back at Fandral causing him to fumble. "If you don't I'll tell Y/n about the time at Thor's birthday when you-"

"Fine I'll do it!" Loki threw his hands up letting go of mine. He conjured up his daggers and went to the centre in front of Hogan.

"Tell me the story later?" I whispered.

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