Chapter 1: All Because of Nat

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How amazing.

Don't you love it when you wake up in the morning to find out that the Avengers recruited you against your will?

I should probably tell you what's going on shouldn't I?

Hey guys I'm Y/n Frey! And this is my life.

A month ago

"You have to come y/n!" yelled Nat through my comm.

"Not now Nat," I whispered making a hard turn right.

I was currently skiing down the Himalayas carrying a golden egg with three hydra soldiers at my tail whilst talking to my best friend. Just another day in my life.

Natasha Romanoff, aka the person who I grew up with and kind of became my older sister, was trying to recruit me to become an Avenger. But personally, I'm completely fine with my life as it is. When I was 14 SHIELD found out about me and saved me from my harsh orphanage in London. Director Fury treated me like a daughter, and I was kind of everyone's little sister at SHIELD now. They trained me as hard as they could train a shapeshifter and helped my try to live a normal life. Try.

My accent has changed since then but sometimes I do slip into my actual accent. I finished high school pretty early due to my Einstein brain and currently trying to get a degree. All whilst working for SHIELD. Hooray...

My mission today was to steal this Golden Egg filled with what might be super soldier serum from a hydra base in the Himalayas. And being the smart person I am I decided to jump out of the windows right into the snow and am currently skiing down Everest.

"But Y/n, you are the most talented person I know. And if you're in the Avengers then we will be the most powerful group ever!"

"Nat you know I don't do teams,"

"Hey listen, what happened to Newt was not your fault," my breathe hitched. Newt...

"I have to go Nat. Goodbye,"

"But Y/n-!"

I cut the call before I could hear what she had to say. What happened to Newt was... something I could never forgive myself for.

I turned around to see if the Hydra agents were still there. Geez those idiots are persistent. I twisted and turned through the snow but they were still on my tail. The cold wind hit my face like bullets. Up ahead I could see a ledge. Time to do my favourite plan.

Plan Stupid.

I increased my speed as I got closer to the ledge. I had to time this just right.

Time felt as though it had gotten slower. I jumped of the tip of the ledge and unleashed my magic. I felt wings grow on my back and scales on my skin. Two horns sprouted on my head and claws grew on my fingers. I threw the egg into the air at the last minute and caught it in my claws at the last. I loved my dragon form. I had turned into a sleek black dragon with small white horns on the top. My eyes had changed from y/e/c to a lovely shade of emerald green.

With the egg in my claws I calmly flew away into the horizon trying my best not to hear the screams of the agents falling to their doom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"One egg!" I said as I placed the egg down on Director Fury's desk.

"Good job Agent Frey,"

"Thanks Director Fuzzy," I said smirking. It was the name I used to call him when I was a kid. I am and will always be the only person allowed to call him that.

"Has Romanoff called you yet?"

"While I was zipping down Everest,"

"And what do you think?"

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