Chapter 20: Past & Future

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It's been three days since the 'incident' and the only thing I got out of Loki was a grunt.

I say good mornings, he grunts.

I say how are you, he grunts.

I say why aren't you talking to me...

He doesn't talk to me.

He's been different since he came back. Like something was hogging his mind. But he didn't tell me.

I was currently in my ferret form to see if he would remember the first time, we had a good conversation. Even if I didn't talk. I was curled up against Nat who was polishing her guns on the couch. Steve sat on my other said with a HYDRA file in hand. I haven't heard much of Newt since the incident. It seemed like he didn't even know me.

And that was something I could never accept.

7 Years Ago


I concept I could never fathom.

Why was the only question that ever came to mind. And now, I was being driven and forced into going to one.

"Coouulllsonnn," I whined.

"I don't wanna hear it Y/n," he said not looking up from his ipad.

I huffed and sunk further into my seat. People. How awful. Teachers. How unpleasant. Why couldn't Clint does teach me stuff? Even if he couldn't math. Or speak Portuguese. Coulson looked at my depressed face and finally put down his screen.

"Hey, I know socialising isn't your most favourite thing to do," I gave him a death stare. "Ok so you don't socialize with people outside SHIELD but today is a new day. And how are you gonna know what could've been if you don't take this chance?"

I hate when he's smart.

"It's gonna be fun kid," said Barton from the driver's seat.

"Save the dad speeches for when you have the guts to marry Miss Barton," I retorted.

Barton turned pink and glared at me. All I could do is smirk.

"Though you might wanna hide the wolf ears kid, don't wanna have kids think you're a werewolf,"

"Now I wanna keep em on,"


"Fine, dad,"

I made my beautiful wolf ears away and stared at disgust at my new school. So...vibrant. A bold green sign had the words 'Rising Star Academy,' spelt on it. Yuck.

"Do you have you're juice box kid?" Clint said jokingly.

I took Coulson's pen and directed it at his horrible haircut.


A few arguments later

I walked into the school with Coulson by my side. Students stared at us as we strutted our way through the halls. Taking pictures. Gossiping.

I had my hood on so they couldn't see my wolf ears listening in on their conversations.

'I heard she was the daughter of a psychopath, and the school took pity on her,'

'I found out that she's an orphan who was used as a lab rat,'

'Apparently she killed someone and was sent to juvi,'

As I expected.

People were pathetic.

I zoned out as Coulson talked to my new principal about my education. The curly haired brunette had a smile on her face the entire time. An untrustworthy smile.

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