Chapter 16: Asgard

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"Yeah, I didn't listen to Nat," Y/n said to the readers.

She was currently stepping through the corridor as quietly as possible to reach Loki's room. She clutched her paints tightly as she opened the door and slipped into the room.

Tonight, was a night of productivity and insomnia.


"You've made me proud my son," Odin said putting a hand on his Thor's shoulder.

The Royal brothers were currently kneeling before their father and speaking of their adventures. Well Thor was doing most of the speaking as Loki but stayed and watched. He didn't want to be here. He couldn't watch Odin keep praising Thor like he himself was not there. The only reason he didn't walk out of the dreadful room then and there was because of his mother. His oh so beautiful mother staring at him with a loving look. He want to return the look but couldn't. Not here. Not with him.

"Now how has you brother been behaving on his time on Midgard,"

Talking to him like he was but an animal. Not even talking at this point. Thor glanced at his aggravated brother. Even though he had a stone-cold expression on his face, his brother could easily see past that.

"He is doing good, we haven't gone on any missions yet, but he does seem to be warming up to some of my team. Especially our friend Lady Y/n,"

"Is that so," he said eyeing Loki. "And who is this Lady Y/n?" he asked questioningly.

"Oh father she's a wonderful warrior, she has the ability to-"

"Is she mortal?" he asked cutting him off.

"W-well yes but-"

"And Loki is enjoying time with her?"

"Yes, and you se-"

"What is your motive boy," venom dripped on the last word.

Loki finally looked up from the ground and into his father's eyes.

"I beg your pardon father?" he spoke with the same amount of venom.

"You heard me child, what do you want from her?"

Loki didn't know how to reply to the question. What did he think? That he wanted to kill her? That he was going to present her dead body to Tha-?


He wasn't going to say his name.

"You making friends on you own with some mortal? A woman at that. You obviously have some sort of reason to,"

'Of course he would think I'm a monster looking for bloodshed. No. I am a monster,"

"Or is it something else?" he spoke loudly.

Frigga looked at her husband in confusion. What was he doing.

"Has the cruel prince I sadly call my son fallen in love?"

Frigga looked at her son quickly. Scanning for any sort of sign of truth.

The God of Mischief didn't know what to say. Has he? He enjoyed your company and does like you better than the others. But to say to love you so quickly. He didn't know how to respond.

"2 son's both chasing after the hearts of mortals. The Gods truly want to ridicule me, don't they?"


"You may leave Frigga," he said cutting of his wife.

She sighed defeated and looked at her son's. She couldn't do anything. It apined her as she walked away from the room.

"How pathetic. My youngest son falling into the hands of some mortal,"

Loki wanted to make him from Odin one eye to Odin no eyes.

"Get out of my sight," he waved the two off.

Loki was quiet. Too quiet Thor had thought. He wanted to comfort his brother but knew his shell was one he could not break. He couldn't do anything. But he knew someone who could. A kind-hearted brave spirit that could help his brother heal. Who could help his brother change.

Avenger's Tower


It was currently 9am on Tuesday approximately 11 hours since she started painting and 4 hours since Nat gave her a heavy lecture on not listening. After discreetly plugging in her airpods during the lecture Y/n had been living the dream. From Ariana Grande to Beyonce concerts, she was a international sension. At list that was what the walls and paints told her. Her mural of Asgard was slowly coming to life, bit by bit. Loki was going to love it. Even Nat found it impressive for 2 seconds before returning to her lecture.

Wanda had come in with her breakfast and they talked about her big project as she turned on her speakers so her friend could listen as well.

'Friend. Haven't had a lot of those for a long time,' she thought as she lived out her singing dreams. She right in the middle of saying a dramatic thank you to her fans and adding another planet on the starry night when a knock on the door caught her attention.

"Come in!"

A metal arm pushed the door open to reveal the Fossil.

"What do you want Cyborg?"

"I bought y/f/m (Your favourite muffin)"

That was all you needed to hear. 


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