Chapter 13: Teddy

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Shopping for Loki wasn't too hard. I begged Clint to come with me which he of course agreed to. After I promised him I would buy him a milkshake.

I ran into every shop and broke Tony's credit card bit by bit.

"You could say my receipts looked like phone numbers,"

"Who are you talking to Y/n?"

"Myself," *sends wink to reader*

"Right... Are we almost done? I'm pushing three shopping carts filled with stuff for a person I despise,"

I roll my eyes and say, "You know Clint, he really deserves a second chance,"

"Yeah yeah whatever,"

I shake my head at Clint and grabbed a cart off him.

"One more place to go and we're done,"

He sighed heavily and I sped down to Build-A-Bear workshop. I asked the worker where I could find a Loki Bear to keep Lokes company and he goes to the back to grab me one.

"You're getting Reindeer Games a teddy bear?" Clint asks finally entering.

"Pfft course! Don't think I don't know about Agent Bearmanoff," I retort.

He turns a deep shade of red and quiets down. The worker finally comes back and hands me a beautiful God of Mischief Bear.

I break Tony's Card for the last time today and go back to the car.

"I think we're gonna need a couple more cars," said Clint.

It was true. I got Loki around 10 bags of clothing and 20 bags of other stuff for his room. And a lot of boxes of furniture. Don't ask how we managed to grab all this stuff.

Clint rang Nat to bring another car which we filled all the boxes with. She had also brought Steve who brought another car to fill up with bags. They then drove off to the tower to move everything to Loki's room while Clint and I drove to his favourite café to buy a milkshake.

"So! You and Horns eh?" he asked taking a big sip of his drink.

Milkshake nearly came out of my noise as he said this. I was in for a long ride.

"Pfft! Course not, why would you think that," Come on Y/n play it cool.

You don't like Loki. Well you like Loki but not like like him. Y'know like love hi-

"Well mainly because you were buying him all this stuff," he said.

"Well I'm not buying it so to speak, it is Tony's card,"

"Yeah but you got off your lazy butt today and decided to bring me shopping,"

"I did it because I wanted to be nice,"

"You being nice to people? Please!"

I gave him a death glare and he gulped in fear.

"Scratch that! I didn't mean it! I promise! But you have to be honest that you think about him more than you think about the rest of us right? Right?"

I paused for a moment comprehending his words. Did I? I did hang out with him and talk to him more. And we always prank each other so I have to think of him to get a good prank don't I?

"Your silence is the answer I need," he said smirking.

"But I-!"

"No buts! I wanna head back and dust Agent Bearmanoff's bed. Come on!"

I rolled my eyes and went outside. We drove peacefully through the busy streets of New York stopping at red lights on every signal. Weird. I brushed off the thought and went back to dreamland.

I didn't have time to comprehend what had happened because a sudden darkness fell upon me.


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