Chapter 22: Frigga

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Y/n restlessly stood in the elevator, reciting her plan for the day. She played with the hem of her blazer as she got closer and closer to her level.


'Here we go,'

The doors opened to the roof and Thor and Loki could be seen standing around a beautiful woman. She had curly golden hair and a beautiful smile. The environment around Y/n had completely changed when she took a step onto the platform. Frigga was dressed in a golden breast plate and big yellow robes. She was in the middle of pinching both her boys' cheeks when she caught sight of Y/n.

"Hello there darling,"

The two gods whipped their heads to find Y/n standing before them. Both turning very pink and wiggling out of their mother's grasp.

"Hi," Y/n said a little timidly, it's not every day you meet the Queen of Asgard.

Frigga pushed past her boys and up to Y/n with her arms wide.

"You must be Y/n, both my boys speak very fondly of you," she enveloped Y/n in a hug before also saying, "Especially Loki,"

Y/n looked at the God of Mischief's eyes who scowled when his mother spoke the last sentence.

"Your boys speak fondly of you as well your majesty,"

"Oh, please call me Frigga,"

The queen pulled out but still held Y/n in her arms. She looked at her like she was trying to remember something. Someone.

"You look much like someone I once knew Y/n," she said nostalgically.

She looked at the girl a moment longer and then said, "Of course my sons failed to mention your beauty. Silly children,"

Y/n laughed as the boys started looking everywhere but their mother's gaze. Thor than cleared his throat and walked up to mother.

"So! Now that we've gone through the introductions, Y/n why don't you take us to the first destination of our day," he said wrapping an arm over his mother's shoulders.

"Oh! Right," she pulled herself together and took out her phone, "It's 7 o'clock so we should be right on time for breakfast,"

"Splendid! Where are we going for breakfast?" asked Thor.

"Barton's making pancakes, eggs, bacon, french toast-"

"Will there be Pop Tarts?" asked Thor cutting her off.

He looked at her like a puppy begging for treats.

"Thor its rude to cut people off," scolded his mother.

"It's alright Frigga, and yes Thor there is Pop Tarts,"

"You will love this mother!" He guided his mother by the wrist to the elevator as Y/n and Loki watched them.

The latter cleared his throat gaining Y/n's attention, "What my mother said, about us talking about you. I'd like to make it very clear that-"

"My, my is the God of Mischief embarrassed by what his mother said?"

He turned pink and tried to regain himself, "No-no-no that's not what i-what we,"

Y/n laughed and replied, "I think its lovely you told your mother about me, slightly frightening but lovely. Besides you getting flustered, is really cute,"

She then walked to the elevator with Loki trailing behind. Y/n stood in the corner whilst the three started chatting away. She didn't want to interrupt their bonding time as it was rare for Frigga to come done to Earth. The finally made it into the kitchen and saw the dining table filled with food.

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