Chapter 18: Difficult

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GUESS WHOSE BACK! BACK AGAIN! With a chapter for my beautiful readers 💚


Y/n stood frozen in the middle of the kitchen as she watched the elevator Loki just went up on. She was too shocked to move. To breathe. The others prodded at Thor asking him why Loki was acting so 2021. Barnes stood next to Y/n trying to shake her out of her trance.

'What did I do?'

'Did I have fleas on me?'

'Do sheep even have fleas?'

"Y/n come on!" Barnes said shaking her roughly.

She finally jumped out of her mental conversation and swung around to face Thor.

"What the hell just happened?"

The God with Pop-Tarts placed his place down gently and gulped down his sweet treat.

"Father had a conversation with Loki, it didn't end well,"

'So that's what this is about,'

Y/n turned away from Thor and strutted towards the elevator but was stopped by Thor's big figure.

"I do not believe it is wise to speak to him for now Lady Y/n. He is very tired and can get extremely grumpy when so,"


"He's probably right doll. Go see him tomorrow," Barnes said gently tugging her on her shoulders.

Loki POV

I trudged through the hallways trying to forget my interaction with Y/n.


I was too tired to handle any of this now. Too tired of being downgraded by a weak old man. Too tired of being compared to Thor. Too tired of being assumed to love a mortal.



I reached my room and slammed the door shut. I then flopped to my bed, which seemed somewhat softer than usually, and fell asleep.







I shook my head and recentered my focus on my clock again. 12:56am. At this rate I wasn't going to get a wink of sleep. Not after the 'incident.' No. I needed to check up on him. Just to make sure he was ok.  I got up off my soft f/c bed and went to my nearest vent. I slid the grate gently off and pulled my self on. My hair became shorter, and my eyes turned green as I morphed into a small black cat. The sound of my soft paws walking echoed through the vents as I trekked to Loki's room.

I peered through the holes of the grates to see my beloved trickster sleeping upside down on his bed. He was fully clothed in his armour and his face was illuminated by the streetlights from the open curtains. Strands of hair had fallan onto his face as he slept deeply unaware of my presence.

Seeing him sleeping peacefully reduced a weight in my heart. He was safe. But the thought of him pushing past me kept nagging me.

What had the stupid king told him?

Why would he be so mad?

At me out of all people! I'm nice? Aren't I?

Or maybe it wasn't even about me and my secret twin sister that I never knew I had and looked exactly like me!

The sound of Loki turning in his sleep startled me which was when I decided it was definitely time to head back.

Clint POV

Kitchen, check. Sam is discreetly trying to stick magnets onto Barnes' arm. The usual. Moving towards the bedroom hallways. Just a normal day in the vents. I pulled my self up higher and higher to the first bedroom floor. Wanda was up and at it and no one was in here room. Thank the lord, now oving on to Y/n's to get her up.


What was that. I low noise buzzed through the vents catching my attention. I walked away from Y/n's room and looked at the vent walls. A dead snake. Loki's room. What the heck was going on? I went closer and closer, and a big shadow emerged. I pulled out my gun from my side and crawled towards it.

Please don't be a kidnapper. Laura would kill me if my shirt got dirty. In three, two, one.

"BWAHZA!" I yelled.

A small black cat woke up in shock and screeched.


The cat hissed, looking at me with it's green eyes.

"What are you doing here?"

She turned around with her back to me. Staring out into the darkness of the vents.

"You fell asleep whilst spying on someone didn't you?"

She turned back around ad let out something close to a growl.

"Huh, and who exactly were you spying on,"

Silence. Not a screech, hiss, or whatever other sound a cat makes. She simply looked down and twiddled her thumbs. Paws? Fingers? Whatever the hell they were.

"Not gonna talk huh? Well, at least let's get you some breakfast,"

Y/n nodded in agreement, and I scooped her off and crawled towards the kitchen.

Loki POV

A crash in the vents cause me to awaken from my slumber. Honestly who would do something so disruptive this early in the morning.

I sleepily walked into my bathing chambers and shrugged off my clothing. Warm water blessed my skin, waking me up from my deep slumber. Finally, a good night rest. After my delightful shower I wrapped a towel on my waist but splash of colour on the wall of my room caught my attention. A clutched my towel and opened my door further.

My towel almost dropped down with my jaw.

My entire room had changed. The bed now had lush green sheets and plush pillows. No wonder I had such a restful sleep. There were shelves upon shelves of books and a beautiful statue of a snake. And above it – dear gods.

A mural of Asgard was painted upon my wall. From the glistening palace to the galaxy surrounding it. It was magnificent. But who- Oh dear. I found a small teddy bear sitting on the velvet green couch before the fire. It dawned my golden horns and a version of Asgardian leather. There was a small note placed beside it which read:

Dear Loki

I hope this makes you feel more at home and without a old crusty dad.

Lots of Loki Love


(Y/n by the way)

I almost smiled. Almost. She had gone out of her way to simply make me feel more at home. And by the gods it did.


Odin's voice rang in my ear and brushed away my thoughts. What do I do. I can't be compared to some pathetic mortal. Although she did everything, she could make me happy, and I treated her like she was a piece of dirt.

Gods this was too difficult.

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