Chapter 17: Mortal

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Loki POV

'How pathetic,' Odin's voice rang in Loki's ears. 'Hands of some mortal,'

No. I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to fall into the hands of a lowly being. I'm going to prove Odin wrong. I'm not pathetic enough to fall for some stupid Midgardian.

It's been three days since the meeting in the great hall. And three days since Thor's none stop thing he calls 'comfort.' It felt good to be home again. But it would be better if the AllFather had laid dead at my feet and if Mother was on the throne. Mother. Still as beautiful as always. The warmth that circled her could make any cruel dull being smile. Even a monster like me.

Odin decided it was best that I lay in the dungeons for my time here and must always be accompanied by 3 guards everywhere I went. Bathing was a nightmare.

At least mother gave me some company. Thor did too but that was mostly trying to tell me to not listen to Odin's words.

Of course, I didn't listen to that advice. Every single word that came out of his mouth was buried deep in my soul. That moment kept me awake every single night. I prayed to the gods to let us leave so that I could sleep comfortably in my own room. As dull as it was. Maybe even sip a cup of tea with Y/n.



'Hands of some mortal,'

I shook my head trying to get rid of his voice and the thoughts of Y/n. I'm not pathetic.


I sat on the couch behind Barnes and Wilson who were currently playing an intense game of chess. But obviously I wasn't just watching, I was also friendly criticising.

"You're horrible at this game Barnes,"

"Shut up Y/n,"

"That was a dumb move,"

"Be quiet,"

"See you just lost your queen,"

"Thank you for the commentary, Y/n, it's not at all distracting!"

In the end Barnes did indeed lose which won me $150 from Wanda.

"Here comes the Falcon!" Sam yelled when he won.

"Really Barnes?" Said Wanda disappointed.

"Come on! I'm a good player! Just not against Sam,"

"Please Bucky I bet a goat can play better than you,"

"Oh really?" he said.

"Wanna see?" two horns sprouted on my head and Sam and Wanda got their money out.

Loki POV

"Goodbye my darlings," Mother said kissing us both on the heads.

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