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Loki's darling  by wolfiewritery
Loki's darling by wolfiewritery
Loki x Reader You live with the avengers. One day Thor will take you all to the Asgard. There you'll meet someone who changes your life. But soon after that you will fin...
The prince's new maid// Loki Laufeyson x Maid character COMPLETED by PricklePeach
The prince's new maid// Loki Laufe...by Eden Smith
Prince Loki and Prince Thor are to be assigned, new maids in the realm of Asgard. Loki is cold and harsh god of mischief but something piques his interest in his new ch...
Of Numbers and Strange Friendships by nekoamamori
Of Numbers and Strange Friendshipsby nekoamamori
Loki and Peter Parker somehow forge a friendship after one flippant comment. No one on the team quite understands how it happened. But it seems to do the god some good t...
LokixReader // Avengers fanfiction by Ms_SkyeClark
LokixReader // Avengers fanfictionby Skye Clark
COMPLETE: Loki was taken back to Asgard and as his punishment, he now has to work for the Avengers and clean up his mess. He is under Thor's watchful eye while he is sta...
Fearless (Loki X Reader) by silvertonguedgirl
Fearless (Loki X Reader)by Rae
❝For people to see you, as I do.❞ A tale about two people from different backgrounds finding each other within this vast universe. So many reasons as to why they shouldn...
The Avengers New Cat  | Loki Laufeyson Romance | REWRITING/EDITING by PricklePeach
The Avengers New Cat | Loki Laufe...by Eden Smith
Sparrow may not be the most interesting person on the planet at first glance, she's just a girl who works with her adoptive dad in a cafe located in New York City, Well...
Love for Chaos and Mischief (Loki Love Story) by ImASelfishMachine
Love for Chaos and Mischief (Loki...by LenaGrey
When Princess Katarina is betrothed to Thor Odinson, she questions her father's decision. But once she meets the outcasted God of Mischief her views change.
The Sound of Silence by nekoamamori
The Sound of Silenceby nekoamamori
A mute Enhanced and Loki both move in to the Avengers tower on the same day.
Loki and the Witchling by nekoamamori
Loki and the Witchlingby nekoamamori
You are a healer working with the Avengers when Loki comes to join the team! Previous #1 in Fanfiction
Wanted Man (Loki Fanfiction - Book #1) by McKenna_Carlin
Wanted Man (Loki Fanfiction - Book...by McKenna_Carlin
A price on his head, Loki of Asgard finds himself stranded on Earth and in need of one woman's help in order to free himself from the bounty and try to reclaim what he s...
Loki X Reader | Girl With The Gold Earring by LVE_32
Loki X Reader | Girl With The Gold...by LVE32
[[UPDATED: 2/2021]] The chambers of Loki Odinson have always been off-limits to everyone, including the staff of Asgard Palace---that is until Y/N. ___ After a brief enc...
The Witch's Familiar by nekoamamori
The Witch's Familiarby nekoamamori
You're a witch working with the team.Thor brings Loki to live at the Avenger's tower after the events in New York. Problem is, Loki is in cat form and refuses to change...
Loki Imagines by lokiedokiee
Loki Imaginesby Lokiedokiee
Loki x reader-insert one shots and short stories. These are all my own original works, send me requests! <3
Unbroken  by loki__fanfic
Unbroken by loki__fanfic
What would the life of laufeys son be like if Odin had never adopted him? This story will tell of the life of the jotun prince as he was raised by laufey, and it will te...
Imagines : LOKI #Wattys2015 by villainousladyloki
Imagines : LOKI #Wattys2015by villainousladyloki
Imagine ... if you were to meet Loki. Put yourself in the story in my short imagines with the God of Mischief (Warning!: Contains Happy/Sad stories, so prepare for t...
Not Your Anything by kensy_lane
Not Your Anythingby Kensy
You and Loki have been arguing since first meeting one another, but despite seeming to hate each other, there's an awful lot of sexual tension between you two. He never...
Loki X Reader by HailTheFreakShow
Loki X Readerby AA
You want to find true love, so you escape to Asgard. Will everything go as planned? Loki X Reader
Providence Of Divinity || Loki X Reader by Ms_SkyeClark
Providence Of Divinity || Loki X R...by Skye Clark
A dangerous, powerful problem has been brewing since the beginning of creation; unseen, unheard, and forgotten. It has awoke. From what you can learn, it seems the anc...
An Avenger's Tale by n4t4lieNN
An Avenger's Taleby Natalie Nolan
Sage Stark, daughter of Tony Stark, has come of age and is allowed to join the Avengers like she always wanted to since she was a little a girl. Enrolling at Midtown Hi...
green to  gold - loki laufeyson  by emssceptre
green to gold - loki laufeyson by e m🥀
y/n, an ordinary 17 year old human, what happens when she's on SHIELD and HYRDA's radar and seems to have abilities in areas that seemed normal but aren't in any way, b...