Chapter 41: Boar?

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Sleep never seemed to come as I laid awake on my bed. Loki decided to give me some privacy as I collected my thoughts. Tried to that is. My brain felt...fuzzy.

It felt...broken in a way.

It was difficult to explain.

I slowly scooted out of the bed and padded towards the balcony. The view of the city was still as beautiful as it was in the morning. The night sky was different to what it was like on Earth, so many different constellations.

"Ah!" I shrieked clutching my forward.

'Just what I needed...'

I tried to shake away the pain but it wouldn't stop pounding in my head. I decided enough was enough and slipped out of my room and into the corridors of the castle.

Many corridors later

I held a torch in my hand and crept through yet another corridor. Turning left and right so many times had made me felt quite dizzy. But finally I landed in a place worth spending my time.

The Library.

Oh. My. Loki.


The ceiling was domed but wide at the same time, and the walls were the size of some of the buildings in New York. Forgetting all about the pain in my head, I dashed towards the nearby ladder and pushed it. I flew across the room going from one ladder to another, it felt like I was flying again.

I laughed in the blissful darkness and my rollercoaster finally came to a stop.

"Loki did the same thing when he was younger," I shrieked in surprise and turned around to see Frigga holding a ball of her golden light.

"Frigga! Oh, you gave me such a fright," I jump off the ladder and ran into her warm embrace. "It so good to see you,"

"Tis good to see you as well my child, how do you fare?"

"I've been better," I say rubbing my temple. Her other hand sent gold wisps as she touched my head, soothing the pain. "Thank you,"

"Not a problem my dear, come sit," she said gesturing to a nearby chair.

I sat next to her and warmed my cold hands near the fireplace.

"I take it Loki told you of your heritage," she said passing me a cup of tea.

"Yes," I said softly.

She gave me a small smile and spoke, "I used to be friends with your father you know,"

"Really?" I said, now not interested in the tea in my hands.

"Yes, his father Njord was my godfather so we practically grew up together in Vanaheim,"

"Loki told me of that place, and I've read a few books,"

"Then you would know that place is filled with ancient magic, some maybe in you already,"

"You think I have powers beyond what I have now?"

"Oh darling, I think you are a fully fledged Goddess. One who will change the lives of many,"

The burden settled upon me and stirred my cup, "Did you know of my mother?"

She sighed and spoke, "It was one of my biggest regrets never meeting Gerd, for you're father always spoke of her highly. He spoke of how she was his sunshine on days when the grew dark, he spoke of how she was the only thing that made him happy after longs days of sadness and bloodshed. The loved each other very much Y/n," she rubbed away a tear on my face. "And they loved you more than anything, it broke your father to give you away, but he knew it was the only way you'd live a somewhat normal life,"

I laughed at the last sentence, "My life has been everything but normal,"

Frigga smiled, "Yes, but look back at it now. You've gone through pain and torment, yet you smile through everyday like it's nothing. Just like Frey,"

"Tell me more about him. Tell me about my father,"

"He was a kind man you may not resemble him entirely (e.g. facial structures, height, hair) but your heart is like his. He found ways to change people's lives for the better, just like you changed my son," her hair turned pink as Frigga continued, "The elves of Alfheim saw him as a ruler even though he was but a simple Lord. This convinced the King of the Realm to bestow him as Heir, due to him not being able to sire his own children. He also had a boar," she said catching the thought.

I burst out laughing, "A boar?!"

"That was my same reaction when he showed me Gullin-bursti, he was a symbol of the sun's rays. He harnessed it with a golden chariot where he kept his seeds and threw them across the land when spring came. If it makes you feel better, he did have a horse,"

"Thank Loki, I thought I'd have to go around telling people my dad rode a wild pig,"

Frigga laughed and continued, "Yes, his name was Blodug-hofi and could dash through fire and water at his command. Although, we still don't know where he is. If you tried hard enough perhaps, he may return,"


"Of course, but maybe not tonight my child, you should be headed to bed,"

"Oh but Frigga, could you tell me about my father for just a bit longer," I pouted.

She sighed, "Alright then Y/n,"

And so we continued.

We continued speaking for hours and hours about the amazing things my father did. She also told me that my mother was practically the personification of the Northern Light. A living wonder.

It may have been around 3:00am when Frigga brought up my father's vessel, Skidbladnir.

"I read about it in my book, Magnus Chase. Is it true that it could be folded into a napkin?"

Frigga scanned my face then smiled, "Come my child,"

She led my out of the magnificent room and into the series of corridors. A few lefts, a couple of rights and a bit of sneaking later we enter Odin's Treasure Room.

"Frigga are you sure that I-"

"If you won't tell dear, neither will I," she smirked.

We passed many strange looking objects and went behind this gauntlet. Frigga stared at the wall beyond and pressed a hand on it. The room rumbled and the walls slwloy peeled away showing us a new room. Inside on an alter under a spotlight, where that had come from I had no idea, was a napkin.

"Is that?"

"Your father's ship," she gently picked it up and gestured it to me.

I took it gently from her and examined the golden embroidery, "Keep it Y/n,"

I stared at her in shock. "W-what?"

"It is rightfully yours; Frey would've wanted you to have it," she smiled.

Tears rolled from my eyes, and I hugged her, "But what about Odin?"

"Leave my husband to me child," she kissed me forehead, "Now go to bed,"

"Thank you, Frigga," I smiled.

"You're welcome, Y/n,"

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