Chapter 34: Everything

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"And you're sure you're not hurt anywhere else?" Steve said.

"Just his arm and my nose- ah!" Loki snapped my nose back into place with his magic.

"Sorry darling," he winced.

Bruce had patched up his arm and we were both sitting in the lab with Tony, Bruce, Steve, and Thor.

"It's fine, thank you,"

Tony pushed his glasses further up his nose and side, "F.R.I.D.A.Y tracked a helicopter in the same area you guys were in but it went of the radar the moment it got in and out,"

Steve sighed, "I'll brief Fury and talk to him about a course of action,"

The two of the left the room and Bruce turned to Loki, "Your Frost Giant blood is doing you some good but just to help the wound a bit more, put this salve on every few hours,"

He passed Loki a tin and turned to me, "And you, don't go falling on your face,"

I rolled my eyes and replied, "Gee thanks doc,"

He chuckled and said, "No problem kiddo,"

"You two seemed to have a fantastic first date," Thor said chuckling. "You know, when Jane and I first started dating-"

"No one wants to hear about your failed relationships Thor," Loki rolled his eyes.

He got up and stretched his healed hand towards me beckoning for me to stand up. We stood up and I gave Thor a little side hug before going to the elevator with Loki.

We stood in an awkward silence for the entire ride. I mean we just got attacked before he could even – ding! The elevator stopped and we had reached our floor. Loki winced as he walked, clearly still in pain from the shot. Before he could continue to his room, I gently tugged his healed hand and led him to mine. He furrowed a brow but didn't complain.

I sat him on my bed and asked him to give me the salve. Opening the tin, the scent of mint filled the room. I used my fingers to gather a bit of the medicine before using my other hand to unwrap Loki's bandages. We sat in silence as I rubbed the salve gently on his wound. He winced a few times but didn't say anything. He just looked at me.

The unspoken words were already written in his eyes so I started to talk.

"His name was Newt Harding..."

And I told him everything.

Loki POV

And she told me everything.

From her first day at her new school to every day after that. When moments of joy occurred, her eyes lit up as she spoke. But when moments of fear and pain came along, her eyes darkened.

This man, this boy was everything to her. Her light. Her joy. Her family. The only thing she didn't speak of is how he went from brother to murder.

"How did...?"

She finally met my eyes after these long hours of talking and could see the hidden question beneath them.

"Well..." she sighed.

6 Years Ago

"So you see Coulson, if you want Y/n to have a beautiful successful life she must do well in her homework. But being pressured by a teacher to do math she can't and doesn't won't to do, is not her fault. Therefore, the best method to solve this situation-"

I tried to contain my laughter as Newt tried to persuade Coulson to do my advanced math. It was extremely hard to hide my powers from him. So when he did find out, he got the whole package.

"Okay I'll do it!" he yelled from the other end, obviously bored to death from Newt's speech. "I should have never made you a S.H.I.E.L.D Agent,"

And that too. Agent Harding was my official partner. Mainly a lot of convincing from my side.

"Later my dear Coulson," Newt said.

"Yeah, yeah hang up already,"

Newt put away his phone and we both held each other's stare for a minutes. Before cracking up and laughing.

"For Fury's sake, how do you do that?" I take a lick of my ice-cream.

"Skill, my dear Y/n. Skill,"

I shook my head at him and looked around the park.

"Hey you know what we should do?"

"What?" he asked, his black hair shining in the afternoon light.

"Going to the top of the old warehouse and watching the sunset whilst gossiping about school," I jumped up and held a hand out to Newt.

He grabbed my hand and I hauled him up. We made our way to his car and rove off to the warehouse.

The biggest regret of my life.

Loki POV

Y/n fell silent. As if a dream had taken a sharp turn and became a nightmare. This Newt, made her happy. She smiled at the memory of him and when she spoke this next bit. It was like the whole world had been covered in a grey cloud.

I placed a hand on her warm one, making her beautiful eyes look up at me.

"I may not know the pain you feel. I may never know it," I started. "But know I will never push you to say things you do not wish to say, for it pains me as much as it pains you to see you this way,"

I sighed then continued, "The robot once spoke his wisdom. Boring for the most bit but then, he indeed said something wise. What is grief, if not love persevering?"

The tears in her eyes fell, but not in a sad way. Almost in a sense of relief. I wiped them away with my thumb and she finally spoke.

"It's been...a really long few years," her voice shook. "A-and seeing him again, it just- thank you for being here Loki. Even if I couldn't tell you everything,"

She smiled and I smiled back at her.

"I'm not going anywhere darling," gratitude shone in her eyes. "But let's just pretend what the robot said was what I said. It would help my ego just a bit,"

She laughed and her tears turned into tears of joy. It was a beautiful sound. One I'd be happy to hear for the rest of my days.

I slipped my hand under her chin, making her look up at me. She looked at me with that spark in her eyes. Just like by the lake. Y/n leaned in just a tad bit closer, and butterflies sprouted in my stomach. She made me feel this way. Only her.

Her warm hands wrapped around my neck, pulling me just a bit closer. I could feel her breath on my skin as my eyes fluttered close.

'I want you,'

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